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We all need insights sometimes. You are at the right place to get insights about your love life, relationships, business and career. I also show how I read the tarot combination meanings of the combination. Click on the picture below to watch the complete video:

This tarot deck is used in this video:

Tarot card combinations explained:


As a Strength:

sun reversed clarified by knight of cups upright and queen of pentacles reversed

sun reversed + knight of cups upright = Positive thinker, dreamer,  motivator and inspiration for people around you. Believing in the positive side of people.

sun reversed  + queen of pentacles reversed = A positive, warm and caring, friendly person. A hippie.

knight of cups upright + queen of pentacles reversed  = Most people like to have you around them, but especially when they feel down.

As a weakness:

4 of pentacles upright clarified by 7 of wands upright and empress reversed

4 of pentacles upright + 7 of wands upright = Holding on to things that you can’t be bad to you in your opinion. Being afraid of change.

4 of pentacles upright + empress reversed = Holding on because you are afraid to loose it while there is an abundance of it all around you.

7 of wands upright + empress reversed = Telling yourself that you “need” this person, situation or thing.


As a Strenght:

Page of swords reversed clarified by tower reversed and page of wands upright

Page of swords reversed + tower reversed = Incredible sharp minded, sharp with exact answers, asking the right questions and being assertive. Being very silent and only saying something when it is needed. Shocking people with your voice. Fry screaming. Having people around that do not want to know the truth.

Page of swords reversed + page of wands upright = Having a good sense of humor and trying out new jokes and sayings that people might not know yet. Word games, playing around with words and using slang.

Tower reversed + page of wands upright = Exploring how to confront people.

Your weakness:

3 of swords reversed + world reversed = You need to let go of hurt that already have been done and close this chapter.

3 of swords reversed + 6 of pentacles upright = Speaking up in a way that you can let go of your past hurts.

World reversed + 6 of pentacles upright = Sharing intimate stories.


As a Strength:

10 of swords upright clarified by king of wands upright and page of pentacles reversed

10 of swords upright + king of wands upright = Handling difficult situations very well. Taking the lead in difficult and in fight and flight situations. Knowing what direction to take an not to take because it could lead to suffering, betrayal or other negative situations.

10 of swords upright + page of pentacles reversed = Seeing trouble coming in advance while other can’t see this. Knowing when something is too late and so you take the lead to be faster.

king of wands upright + page of pentacles reversed = Like to learn new things even when no one has this knowledge. Being interested in mutliple subjects. Having a holistic mindset.

As a Weakness:

queen of swords reversed clarified by 3 of swords reversed and world reversed

queen of swords reversed + 3 of swords reversed = Being forgetful about important information about others or information that is important for others. Being insecure and hurting others with sarcastic jokes that might cover this insecurity.

queen of swords reversed + world reversed = Knowing that you are being too rational and needing to combine it with your senses and feelings. Need to change a robotic mindset or being naive.

3 of swords reversed + world reversed = Still being hurt while it is all over.

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