Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly Tarot Reading

– Judgement, the world & 9 of pentacles – 04 May 2015 –
judgement tarot combination card

The Tarot Card: Judgement (or Rebirth in the Druid Craft Tarot deck) is what it is about in this weekly tarot reading. As clarifying cards I pulled The World and 9 of pentacles. The cards are all reversed. In this post I will explain what the advice of this tarot card combination is.

Tarot card combination

This week it is important to overthink your actions. Make clear for yourself what it is that you really want. Keep in mind what your goals are and make decisions based on your most important goal. The Judgement card reversed shows a stagnation to change: ask yourself what is stopping you to move forward, to fulfill your dreams and to succeed.

It is important this week to release self-doubt and feelings of guilt. Another question is: what are you refusing and why? Are you afraid of succes/failure? Talk with other people who experienced the same as where you are going through. You are not alone even when it maybe feels like it sometimes. The world tarot card indicates that fulfilling changes are on the way, if you are ready. Do you have a dream to have a more comfortable lifestyle, or having more time off? This is the time to break some walls down to make room for big changes!

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2 Replies to “Weekly Tarot Reading”

  1. Wait, I think we may have read for the same client. . . LOL. No, it’s just that this does heppan to all of us from time to time. I just had a case where the client complained that an email reading was negative, and I felt compelled to go back, point by point, and show her the positive or hopeful parts. Some people also want us to tell them what to do, in detail, in every situation. I really don’t like to disappoint people, but I have had to step back and take a deep breath in some cases, realizing that no matter what I say or do, their attitude is going to determine how they interpret things.

  2. Hi Abedmeskeen indeed, I recognize that :-)! In my opinion you do very well by showing the hopeful and positive parts. In this case I see tarot as a way to give insight in a situation for the client. I agree on it that you can not tell people what to do. Tarot cards can give advice but people should take responsibility for their own life.

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