Weekly Tarot Reading Week 3

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 3 – Love and Career Forecast

18th of January 2016 – 24th of January 2016

Love & Relationship: 

page of swords

page of swords upright

Direct confrontations and heated discussions are this week probably needed to clear the air. While it is good to be honest with your partner it could be a good tip to think before you speak. Together with the knight of swords this page of swords can sometimes be too hasty in saying what he likes to say. So try to be a bit more empathetic to each other this week, is what the queen of cups is telling us. Treat the other person like you want to be treated yourself.

If you have children, they might confront their mother in a very direct way about her softer side. It could be that they think she is way too friendly and that she needs to be more direct. But the queen of cups upright is a very mature woman. And the page of swords upright and the knight of swords upright are much younger spirits who still have to learn a lot.

This is a good week for single man to meet a nice lady, but watch your words, although this lady can look through your rebel behavior.  For single ladies this is a week of being around with friends and watch a stand up comedy. This is not a week of hot steamy love adventures.

If you are dating, it might be that you have to make up your mind about 2 guys or girls that are not really your type anyway.

clarification cards: the knight of swords and the queen of cups.

Job & Career

devil reversed tarot

devil reversed

Feelings of being dependent upon someone (or something) and fears in general are about to fade away this week. The energy on the work floor will become a bit brighter in the end of the week. Maybe you had thoughts that you was about to loose your job or business because of injustice that had been done to you. This week it is time to get yourself back together and you have the ability to see things clear as they are to find a solution. This week there will be a spark of clearness about things that needed to be revealed about this. This will change you whole point of view of the situation. You will find out how to get a second chance. Whatever happens you will stay calm this week and you have your emotions under control.

clarification cards: the king of cups upright and justice reversed.

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