Week 32 2018

Week 32, 2018 August 6 -12 Weekly Tarot Reading + Tarot Combinations

Week 32 2018

July 30 – August 6 -12 Weekly Tarot Reading + Tarot Combinations

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Week 32, 2018 August 6 -12 Weekly Tarot Reading + Tarot Combinations


Week 32 2018


The fool upright clarified by the king of cups and the lovers reversed

This week you might feel very open to new situations and new people. Whether they are going to stay or not you are open for new beginnings. Trying to understand people from the heart is also a theme for you this week to find out what are the people that you like to have in your life.

For some of you it is about commitments from the past and how you make commitments when you attract someone or something new into your life. Maybe it is time for something new in your life but on the backgroudn there is still some “old” energy from the past that you carry around in everything you do and so you never make a ew commitment.

Love and relationships

When you are in a relationship, the theme this week is about freedom and commitment. Especially in new relationships and friendships this could be a theme. You can have both but some people do not realize this or abuse the word “freedom” by saying it is the opposite of commitment. It is all about balance this week and to combine freedom and commitment in a harmonious way by adding respect to it.

It seems like this is a week full of “ex” energy. Maybe you have an ex who never made the commitment but they are always somewhere on the background. Even though they never made the commitment in the relationship they are still in your life so there is a way of commitment here. If you are in a situation that your ex is like this, they might made the decision that there is more in this relationship between you both. If you are the one who could never make the commitment in the relationship between you both and if you are the one who is always on the background of their life they might understand that this is your kind of commitment or the kind of relationship you want.

For singles a new start or a new start with an old flame could be a theme. There is no pressure and there is an overall feeling of freedom attached to it. You might feel you need to choose between commitment or freedom but there is no need to choose for someone else who didn’t make any commitment towards you either.

Job and career

A new job might come on your path or a new project. A total new start is being presented this week and so you might feel you need to choose or you need to decide if you want to make the commitment. It is all so new that it probably won’t be needed to make a commitment. Sometimes you first need to try things out first before you can make a commitment.

For entrepreneurs this week is all about a new chapter in your company. A new world is opening up and you probably understand your audience a little better which makes you feel free to try out new products, techniques or services.

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Tarot Combinations

Fool upright clarified by king of cups upright = Understanding that it is time for a new chapter. Trying to understand new situations and new people.

Fool upright clarified by lovers reversed = Not sure if you have to make the commitment but being open to a new chapter. A try out period or demonstration. Getting to know people without making any commitment (yet).

King of cups upright + lovers reversed = Understanding that there could be a possibility for commitment.


7 of pentacles upright clarified by the 4 of pentacles upright and the sun upright

The seeds are sawn and now it is time to wait what does work for you and what not. In the meanwhile you are just doing your thing and you will se later if the work you did was worth it.

Some of you already reap the rewards for your labour and so you savely store it. This week is a vibrant week and also rewarding but you also need to keep save what you have. Being happy with the little rewards is a theme this week.

Also modesty is a theme. If your labour did work out fine then it will be better to be modest with the results of your labour this week. So if you receive money, a letter or a compliment be proud at your results and keep on doing whatever you do without spending it all.

Love and relationships

In your relationships you finally see some (tangible) improvements. It could be someone else or you who needed to make these social improvements. The art is to be happy with this little reward and to remember this. Modesty is a theme. It could also be that you are happy you kept something to yourself because it saved you or it saved money.

For singles, if you have someone in mind you might finally hear from them. It could be a very small gesture or message from them but the key is to be happy with this and not to expect too much. Just let it happen, wait and see.

Job and career

This week you are reaping the rewards at your work which makes you very happy which is visible for everyone. It could also be about the social environment on your work which is improving. Be proud at what you did to improve the situation and don’t set your expectations to high. Also save some money. Even when there is more then enough it is good to be modest this week.

For entrepreneurs this week is a happy week when it comes to results. You see results from your work and your strategy works fine. You might feel like shining this week with what you have reached. Be modest with spending your money and save it.

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Tarot Combinations

7 of pentacles upright clarified by 4 of pentacles upright = Reaping the rewards and keeping them save

7 of pentacles upright clarified by sun upright = Happy to reap the rewards

4 of pentacles upright + the sun upright = Happy to keep something to yourself or keeping something to yourself that makes you happy (For example that you have a piece of land but no one knows it and so you don’t have to pay extra money for it.)


Hierophant upright clarified by strength reversed and king of pentacles reversed

In society and culture there is a lot of conflict because of norms, values and principles. Often these norms and values are creating invisible rules. They are not based on logic or common sense but still everyone needs to keep doing them otherwise you are an outcast (unless the majority of people adopt this bahavior as the norm). Only because of norms and values you think some people are “intellectual”, “goal-oriented”, “attractive” and others “bad” or “crazy”. Everyone who is not following these invisible rules are labeled “crazy” or “bad”.

This week is about norms and values in combination with stability, tangible items, money and entrepreneurs. For example, often people like to live comfortable in a city but at the same time they think that selling and money are bad. But how come that do they earn money at their jobs? Yes, because someone had to sell first before they could hire them. Besides they work because something needs to be sold and so they help in the process. Still, selling seems to be a very bad thing to do. This is an example of a conflict and hypocrite behavior that you will see this week all around you if you pay attention. We are all suffering from this but still we continue doing it.

A great week for shining a light on your own norms and values and how they affect your “bad people”.

Besides that a society needs criminals to let rules and courts exist. Without rules (and so criminals because not everyone goes along with a set of rules) you can’t rule a country. Rules need conflict and conflict needs rules.

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Love and relationships

When it comes to norms and values, love is conditional. What you “should do in a good relationship” might be a theme for you this week when you are in a relationship. Why you “should marry” or “should have baby’s”. Also why you “should” do a certain task because you are in a certain body or live in a certain part of the world could rise up this week. But also the fact that when someone wants to marry you, it makes you feel good about your relationship you have together because it is a confirmation.

For singles this week you might be thinking about all that you “should” because you are not in a relationship for example. Singles might feel being treated differently. Or you ask yourself why you have to fill in your relationship status in a form when you go shopping for example. But a day later you understand why you now get information about that new notebook as a welcome gift and not the diapers this time.

Job and career

There are many examples in regard to money. Like being vegan makes some people feel like a good person but when they go shopping they like to have everything for free and so they make it impossible for many other people to eat as well. It could also be the other way around: A criminal can get away with criminal behavior because it could be part of a culture to marry a child for example. What is the difference? They both make other people very unhappy. It doesn’t matter if you call it good or bad, it is about the results. This week you will only deal with the norms and values that are accepted in your own society but you might get more insight that “good” and “bad” is not nessecarily “good” in a business environment.

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Tarot Combinations

Hierophant upright clarified by strength reversed = Norms and values in which you can never be yourself.

Hierophant upright clarified by king of pentacles reversed = Society shooting their own soldiers.

Strength reversed + king of pentacles reversed = Feeling uncomfortable with being alive or being in your own body and with who you are as a person.

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