True tarot: 5 steps to find out if your reading is correct

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After a reading there are different possibilities on how you feel about your subject and about the reading. If you just had a tarot reading and you feel something isn’t quite right about it. Was it a real tarot reading? Read these tips can help you to find out.

Find out if your reading did resonate with you


1. The impact the reading has on you

Ask yourself how you feel after your reading. Then find out what you know right now and how this helps you or not help you. What kind of impact does this information have on YOUR OWN situation? If new questions during this reading are rising up about your subject, you might need a new reading because you have processed and accepted the previous reading. Somtimes this happens within minutes but it could also take months before a reading is clear to you.

If you do not feel anything after your reading it could be that you already knew this information and the reading have confirmed you. Another option is that the position of your reader was more like a coach during the reading.

If you feel during the reading that it is going nowhere and the reader doesn’t feel you, you might be dealing with a social worker or therapist instead of a psychic or tarot reader. A conversation with a social worker/therapist feels very different because it simply takes longer before they understand your point. Besides that there is a chance they don’t get the whole picture of your situation. Therapists can ofcourse help you, it is just a different approach.

2. The guidance your received

The reader/reading often have different roles then just literly telling you what is going on in your situation or tell you happy ever after stories. A reader/reading could, besides being a friendly person who is helping you, have a role as someone you project on, a mirror, someone who shifts your perspective drastically or a teacher you really hate for what he or she tells you.

A reading can feel like you recognize yourself in it. But when the subject is a subconscious lesson, the impact of the reading is more difficult to see. You might feel like this reading doesn’t resonate with you or it could make you feel very emotional . In this case you can approach the reading in a different way. You can ask yourself what kind of emotions rise up. Do you feel angry or sad after the reading? And is this because of what the reader told you about your own situation and the subject of you reading? Find out what makes you feel what you feel after this reading and why it makes you feel like that. For example: sometimes when we don’t like to see a situation or a person for what they are. A tarot reading or psychic reading can be very to the point. This could be hurtful and you might need to take time to process that the reality is different from what you desire. Realize that in the end this information will only help you because you are 3 steps ahead now in your situation.

Ask your question about love, finances or career:


3. Out of your comfortzone

Situations and people that you don’t like bring often the fastest growth in your life. This might also be a reason why you asked for a reading. So if you are open enough to get a reading, accept that you are asking a question to a human being who is open to listen to your question and is giving you the information he receives.

During a reading you might hear the truth and this is something that some people receive as a confirmation to their situation and some people see it as hurtful. Remember you are the only person who can change your life. A psychic or tarot reader can only guide you and shine a light on your subject.

4. “I don’t think this reading is about me”

If you still feel the reading wasn’t about you, while you got a reading from an experienced and professional reader, it is often a matter of time. If the reading was about a prediction you can find out by seeing if the prediction is coming out. I like to make a note that readings are often popular because of predictions by time, but this is not the core issue of your reading. Find out what the core issue is of your reading. For example if you like to know if you ex is coming back and they are coming back, don’t focus on the exact date. The core of this reading is if they will come back. Your reader will probably be specific on how this will happen. These details on how it will happen is much more important to remember then an exact date. Readers are working with their intuition and spiritual guidance and time is something human beings invented. There is no such thing as time in the spiritual world.

5. Take your time

After the reading it is always best to let your reading ripe and to process the whole story before you react on it. Don’t react emotional to people you don’t know, even if it is a psychic. It makes a immature impression on human beings which doesn’t create the cooperation you might need. Also, readings are done with intuition which is faster then the mind. It is in the first place best to take your time after the reading because there might be some developments already going on on a mental or spiritual level. A psychic reading or tarot reading can feel like you are “waking up” or make you feel confirmed. After the “waking up” feeling you might have many questions about the subject of the reading.


Do you think your reader was a fake psychic or fake tarot reader?

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