True love tarot combination of cards soulmate tarot cards

True love tarot combination of cards – Soulmate tarot cards

True love tarot combination of cards

In this article you can read more about true love tarot card combination. I am not claiming in which situations love is good or bad or that you have to stay in certain relationships that are not good for you. Below you can just read some situations that might inspire you on what true love is. Having a harmful bond with someone is something else then having a connection with someone. In this tarot card combination I am writing about the heart to heart connection between people.

The lovers & 5 of pentacles upright – True love through hardship

5 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

This true love tarot card combination could indicate unconditional love and support through hardship between people. Instead of walking away in difficult times the couple is convinced to continue together no matter what. Both partners could have a shared opinion about a problem or a situation and so they support each other in this difficult time. This hardship takes a longer period of time. For example one or both partners could be (mentally or physically) ill. Another example could be financial problems. Even while this is tough, the unconditional support between these people is mentally strong because The Lovers and the 5 of pentacles together indicate that the mind rules over physical matters.

This could be a soulmate tarot card combination but this is not an easy situation for a couple.


When it comes to numerology, this tarot card combination is related to the High Priestess which is about intuition, hidden knowledge and is connected to the element water.

The lovers 6 + 5 of pentacles = 11 = 1+ 1  = 2 = High Priestess.

2 of cups & hierophant reversed –  true love through cultural challenges

2 of cups tarot card upright

This combination of tarot cards of the 2 of cups and the hierophant reversed shows a mutual understanding between  people on an emotional level. Even while are cultural challenges that they might not understand from each other they feel an emotional connection. With cultural challenges I mean different nationalities or different upbringing. Even sexual preferences could differ but they are able to maintain the emotional connection with each other. The environment of this couple might not understand their relationship because the relationship is not based on their norms and values. This combination could be a challenging relationship for the outer world while the couple only have eyes for each other. The differences between these people could also be big but they don’t care.


When we look at the cards at a numerological level we get number 7 which is related to the chariot tarot card. The chariot is connected to the element water and is about being in emotional control.

2 of cups + hierophant 5 = 7 = the chariot

3 of swords & the king of cups – true love through pain and sorrow

3 of swords tarot

The king of cups is the master of the psychology of people. If this tarot card combination shows up it indicates that a you understand someones behavior even though they have done you harm as the 3 of swords indicate.

Another example of this tarot card combination is that someone understands your behavior and what the root is of your behvior. Even while you have hurt them they understand from a bigger picture why you did so. This observant king knows his own shortcomings and so he understand that people can make mistakes. Even when they are big mistakes. This doesn’t mean the king of cups is a walk-over. This tarot card combination just shows that someone has been hurt but they are able to continue without being bitter. While they won’t forget what has been done to them they understand why it happened.

Never mistake the kindness of the king of cups for weakness because he only learned more about people because of this situation which will help him. In this way this king upright is unbeatable because he only becomes stronger with this knowledge he got from the person who have hurt him.

A king in tarot doesn’t have to be a man but could also be a woman, a situation or an advice for example.

The kind of empathy described above could also be a signs that you are in an abusive relationship.


The number 3 is connected to the empress, the hanged man and the world. The empress could clarify the situation by showing the universe is abundant and that there is more fish in the sea. The hanged man is about self-sacrifice and the world is about completion. You can click on the links to read about each tarot card meaning.

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