THEIR TRUE INTENTIONS | Daily Tarot Reading JUNE 30 2020

This tarot deck is used in this video:

Daily tarot card combinations:

Justice upright clarified by 9 of cups upright and 4 of pentacles reversed

Justice upright + 9 of cups upright = The effects or results of a situation will be in your favor and will come out in the way you have been wishing for. Fairness will bring the results you like to see in this situation you are in. It could also be about settlements that are in your favor.

Justice upright + 4 of pentacles reversed = The truth is coming out and the person that needs to tell this is about to speak up about the truth.

9 of cups upright + 4 of pentacles reversed = A relief because your wish is coming true. Reveal  about needs or addictions. Someone who speaks their truth about their passionate feelings towards you.

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