The healing journey Dennis Barbion

The Healing Journey of: Dennis Barbion (Interview)

The Healing Journey of: Dennis Barbion (Interview by Charis Felice)

How did YOU survive the hot weather last week?

I went swimming in Belgium!

I went to the city Brugge which is a beautiful fairy tale city close by the sea. Besides the sea there is a lot of cultural sightseeing and architecture to visit.

Yes I know, I am an artist and so you might think I “should” visit those cultural places… Instead, I had every night an excuse the hang around in the bar until 4 am. One night my excuse was that I couldn’t sleep and so I went down stairs to have a good Belgium beer and ofcourse to have a chat with the bar man, which was very cultural as well in my opinion and much more in my preference because he did teach me some of the language of Brugge. It was an extraordinary week, I met many people and so my experience is that Brugge is a warm-hearted place.

That same night that “I couldn’t sleep”, I went downstairs but the bar was full and so the bar people busy. Dennis walked into the bar and we were talking about spiritual and philosophical subjects. In the first place I was only surprised because just one night before I met someone who wrote a book about Buddhism and this was not a meeting I experience everyday. Was this some kind of sign?

Dennis shared his knowledge about Buddhism in a way that was really fun and light-hearted even though the subjects where about intense experiences.

I normally do not appreciate it so much talking about spiritual subjects even though I am a tarot reader and healer. This is because I am pretty practical by nature. The way Dennis was talking about spiritual subjects was from experience and it was playful and inspiring. During the conversations it was clear Dennis has many spiritual gifts and talents which got me curious and so we decided to have lunch in the restaurant of another bar guest in the hostel bar before I left Brugge. I did a tarot reading for Dennis in the restaurant which revealed even more about his multiple spiritual and healing gifts and talents that he uses as a counselor and coach. I asked Dennis for an interview here on HealingTarot.Net which you can read below.

Dennis Barbion

Name:        Dennis Barbion
Age:             49 years
City:            Brugge (Belgium, Europe)
Passions:  Buddhism, meditation, healing, veganism, animal rights

What is the connection you have with healing and/or tarot?

In the past I have followed all kinds of spiritual courses, workshops and lectures (including healing), and then it turned out that I have a number of gifts that I also use in function of others.

How did your spiritual or healing journey begin?

In 2002, after the death of my four-year-old nephew with whom I had a strong bond, I started looking for answers to questions I was confronted with: why does an innocent child have to give up and die early, what were the inexplicable facts before his death, what is life and is there anything next and so on. In the library I found books about near death experiences that fascinated me and helped me a lot. Later I followed spiritual courses and lectures. The death of the child had brought me on the spiritual path.
At the end of 2004 I had a burnout, combined with depression. I was incapacitated for a while and at that very moment I saw a very inspiring lecture by the Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh at the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation. Afterwards I bought a book from him that also described meditation, which I started to apply.
In 2006 H.H. the Dalai Lama came to Belgium. His speech full of inspiring wisdom brought me to Tibetan Buddhism. I went deeply into Tibetan Buddhism, bought books on Buddhist philosophy, practiced various forms of meditation, and followed Buddhist instruction by Lama’s at home and abroad. After a three-week Buddhist pilgrimage in India in 2007, organized by the Tibetan Institute in Belgium, I elaborated on that. I often practiced the practice of the Medicine Buddha (Buddha Menla), recitation of the text and the mantra combined with visualization, and therefore also healing.
At the beginning of 2017 I gave lectures about meditation, an introduction about meditation, and also a series of lessons in which various meditation techniques were discussed.

What is your greatest insight over the past 5 years?

Total rest, for example through burnout, depression, and in combination with conversation therapy, brings you closer to yourself, invites you to self-reflection, puts your life on hold for a while and lets you sort out all kinds of things. In fact, this is recommended for everyone, press the pause button once, make a balance of the past, filter out what you want and don’t want (anymore), and start working with it.

What is your advice for people who are going through a difficult time based on your experiences above?

Take your time for self-reflection, practice (tranquility) meditation, investigate things and seek help that gives you more insight into yourself, into events, into the causes that underlie certain situations, then look at the possibilities to do something about it to do, then start making small changes, take small steps to begin to notice and feel change, improvement, and move on, and hold on.

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I have a part-time independent secondary occupation. My business is called “Aquamarijn – Counseling & coaching”. I give lectures, I offer a series of lessons about meditation, I do consultations, supervise and coach people.



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