Tarot Reading December 31 2018 - January 6 2019
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Tarot Reading December 31 2018 – January 6 2019 | CHOOSE A COLOR AND WATCH THE VIDEO!

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Tarot Reading December 31 2018 – January 6 2019 | CHOOSE A COLOR AND WATCH THE VIDEO!

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Tarot Reading December 10 – 17  2018


9 of pentacles upright clarified by emperor reversed and 5 of wands reversed

9 of pentacles upright + emperor reversed = enjoying me-time but forgetting to plan important tasks and appointments. Unplanned time for yourself. Spending money on comfort without planning finances. Being self-employed but you might need to work on the organization and structure of your company.

9 of pentacles upright + 5 of wands reversed = taking time out but you know there are many things to do.

emperor reversed and 5 of wands reversed = becoming an authority in a competitive environment.



3 of swords reversed clarified by the 3 of pentacles reversed and moon reversed

3 of swords reversed + 3 of pentacles reversed = letting go of hurt that things did not came together or that there was no cooperation.

3 of swords reversed + moon reversed = feelings of hurt that you have been through are coming to the surface.

3 of pentacles reversed + moon reversed = illusions are being revealed about bad cooperation.



3 of wands upright clarified by ace of pentacles reversed and 2 of wands upright

3 of wands upright + ace of pentacles reversed = seeing your ships coming in but not taking advantage of the opportunities that comes with it.

3 of wands upright + 2 of wands upright = seeing your ships coming in and taking bold action upon it.

ace of pentacles reversed + 2 of wands upright = having more opportunities coming up because of your undertakings or actions.

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