court cards in tarot

Appearances of the tarot court cards

Tarot court cards can reflect people or someone that you know but a court card is often not a particular person. One court card can even can reflect more then one person. A court card can also reflect strenght and weaknesses of the querent. Dependant of where the card appears in a spread, court cards can also indicate atmospheres, behavior or messages.
The sexes of the court cards do not matter for who they represent. A king can represent a woman and a queen can represent characteristics of a man.
More then two court cards in a spread can indicate that there are a lot of people involved.

The Royal Family


Pages can represent young people, newbies or new situations. The querent doesn’t know yet how to deal with these situations because they are representing a new experiences. Pages can indicate messages because page are from origin the ones who carry messages. Therefore pages are students that are about to learn. Reversed page indicate that there is a lot to learn or childish behavior or about being co-dependant. Bad messages can be symbolized by a page card.

Knights behave like teenagers and young people in there twenties.They are doing things more radical and so they need to learn how to find balance in there behavior. Knights need patience to succeed. Knight are not about messages themself but about spreading the message. This is because knights are from origin the ones who are spreading the values of a kingdom. To spread the message they are travelling. Reversed the knight can behave radical, reckless and can create miscommunication.

Queens can represent feminine authority and leadership. The queens are connected to the water element and are more focused on inner processes.They are caring and managing people.They know how to blend people and circumstances. Queens know themselfs well, are self conscious and have people knowledge. Reversed the queens can use there qualities in the wrong way. They can be manipulative and mean. Queens represent mature people and characteristics.

Kings can represent leaders, authorities or just mature people. Kings are in charge, they are the leaders and are making the decisions. A king is connected to the element fire which is action orientated and focused on the outer world. When a king appears in a spread they can give you advice on how to make this decision and how to get your point across, when reversed kings can be not very good at there tasks. It could be that this king has no leaderskills and no one is taking him seriouse as a king. A king represents mature people and characteristics.



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Wow that was awesome thank you sooo much I’ve been waintng some good tips like that for many moon Thank You so fer sharing these exercises can’t wait to scroll through your other videos and sites