tarot card numbers numerology

Tarot card numbers in a tarot reading

Tarot card numbers do influence the reading a lot and that makes it is a very important subject in doing tarot card readings. Before doing this excercise: Download this FREE ebook to understand tarot & numerology.


How you can use numerology in your tarot readings

This is an example of a business tarot reading. The name of the client is Richard. Richards question is: “How will my business develop?”

In this tarot reading, the past, present, future tarot spread is used, which is a 3 card tarot spread. This is what the reading looks like:

tarot card numbers numerology


Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread (From left to right)


Card one (past): The knight of cups upright 

The knight of cups upright is telling in the past position that Richard had creative dreams for his business in the past and he was able to manifest his dreams. We know that he was able because the second card, which represents the past circumstances of Richard is the empress.

Card two (present): The empress upright

The empress tarot card is about abundance. Surrounded by a green environment she looks very comfortable like she has everything she needs. This tarot card indicates the business of Richard is blooming and he is living his creative dream. The number 3 in this tarot card indicates joy, pleasure, talent, self-expression, creativity and manifestation. Because this is a major arcana card, it tells us about the meaning of ALL number 3 tarot cards in a tarot deck. The minor cards with number three are connected to the empress card.

Card three (future): The 4 of cups upright

The 4 of cups upright represents someone who can’t be bothered or has a writers block. The figure on the card is not able to receive the 4th cup. On this tarot card the number of the cups has a big influence on the illustration of the card. The meaning of number 4 makes this tarot card meanings much more clear. Number 4 is connected to the major arcana card the emperor which is about structures, planning and stability. Too much stability for too long can result in boredom. The cups represent feelings and emotions. So emotions of feeling stuck can create boredom and apathy. This 4 of cups in the future position means that Richard can learn a lot from his present situation.


To stay comfortable as Richard is now, he needs to maintain the creative side of his business so he won’t get stuck in a rut by planning, structures and organizing. This is also his strong side so maybe it is time for him to hire someone to do the structure and the planning.


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