Tarot Numerology


Numerology is important in tarot to understand the full meaning of a tarot card. Every number on a tarot card tells about the stage in the process in regard to your question. The higher the number, the higher the vibration of the card and so the further you are in the process.

But what do numbers mean in tarot? For example; the number 4 in tarot is a number of stability and consistency. The tarot cards with the number 4 can indicate a stable period (or when it goes into extremes even a boring period). The suits (swords, wands, cups and pentacles) are changing the focus on the meaning of the number of the card. When you draw the 4 of swords, it can suggest that it is a time for healing or to go on a holiday but when you draw the 4 of pentacles it can indicate that you are holding on too much on material needs. With the swords the number 4 is becoming passive but when we look at the suit of pentacles, the number 4 indicates someone who is holding on too much to something. The meanings from these two tarot cards are different because they represent different suits, but the number 4 indicates that these cards are about stability and consistency.

Also the even numbers in tarot have a different meaning then the odd numbers in tarot.

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