Queen of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Queen of Rods – upright

Summary: Energetic and uplifting, cheerful, a helping hand, responsable person, self-assured, people manager, marketeer, networker, vain person, superstar, hero, queer, entertainer, likes admiration and being in the center of the attention, action taker, volunteer, someone who is always there when you need them, they focus on the things they want and take action on it.

as a person

The queen of wands is an action orientated, driven and energetic queen. She is a natural leader and has a strong focus on her desires. She likes to be the center of attention and makes friends easily. This queen is passionate and has a quick temper in a way that she can change moods quickly. She is very driven to here goals which can make her stubborn and manipulative. When upright she is mostly optimistic and inspiring. As a friend she is there for you when you need her, even when no one is there for you. She is self-confident and she is confident about her abilities. This makes that she can help you even when everything seems to be lost. The queen of wands upright is taking on the responsabilities that no one wants to be doing.

The queen of wands is about reputation and image. It is hard to see youself as the queen of wands because this tarot card involves many taboos about femininity like the king of cups does for masculinity. The queen of wands is about embracing your femininity with the lighter and darker sides of it.

This queen is directing her energy and could represent a male or female office manager. This queen is managing people and helping people with their direction. If you don’t know what to do, the queen of wands will help you with it.

The relationships of the queen of wands are never boring. While the queen of pentacles indicates a long lasting partner, the queen of wands can be a fling or someone who you exchange your passions with. She is also someone is taking responsabilities on her shoulders to help people.

The queen of wands tarot card has the most masculine characteristics of all queens. On the tarot card shown above, which is part of the Druid Craft tarot deck, she is the only queen who is wearing trousers in the tarot deck.

as feelings

The queen of wands tarot card indicate feelings of getting what you want or having control over the situation. She gets what she wants through action. This queen can indicate lusty feelings but can also indicate passionate feelings.

Unpredictable feelings and the need for control could be the case when the queen of wands tarot card shows up in a tarot reading. On the other hand the person who represents the queen of wands might be doing too much for you. She might be taking on your responsabilities. You won’t hear this person complaining when the queen of wands shows up in upright position because the queen of wands is simply used to it to put so much effort into anything he or she does. When the queen of wands shows up as feelings you might need to take a look at yourself and what your own repsonsabilities are in this relationship. It is easy to blame it on the other person.

Sometimes the queen of wands can also appear in a tarot reading for a lesbian lady. This queen could represent feelings of attraction from a woman to another woman or a men to another men. The queen of wands holds a stick which is a masculine sign for potential and sexual drive. The queen of wands can rever to gays and homosexuality as well as bisexuality, transsexuals, queers, crossdressers and transgenders since this queen has a lot to do with sex/sexes. Look for the temperance card in your tarot reading which is blending the masculine and the feminine together.

To know more about homosexuality in tarot you can do a tarot spread that is more focused on the subject.

as a situation

This can be a fiery situation where it is important that you will use the qualities of the queen of wands like being focused on what you want and having control over the situation.

This queen of wands tarot card could indicate someone who is getting the recognition. The queen of wands can indicate the other woman when this card shows up in a reading for a situation when the card shows up in reversed.

Another explanation is that someone, probably a female figure wants to be in control of the situation or is just helping someone out.

as advice

  • be in control over the situation
  • confidence is the key
  • be confident about your abilities
  • take the lead
  • dare
  • negotiate with other people
  • inspire other people with your vision
  • have faith
  • don’t waste your energy

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Summary: Manipulative, aggresive, aggresive in getting what they want, borderline personality disorder, having a burnout, can’t stand up for herself, taking on too much responsabilities, third party person, vain person, likes bad attention too, leading situations in the wrong direction.


When the queen of wands tarot card shows up reversed there is something wrong with her energy. She may abuse her own energy and /or the energy of others. She might take on too much responsabilities and as a result she could get a burnout. The queen of wands upright is a helping hand but when she shows up reversed she is helping for the wrong reasons or she is burning out herself.

When reversed the queen of wands can be a depressed version of the queen of wands upright. She doesn’t have faith and she is feeling powerless. Her enthousiasm has faden away and she has unpredictable emotional outbursts. Life is a drama to her.

This queen reversed could also represent a mature woman who isn’t behaving mature. She wants constant attention and is the drama queen of the tarot deck. When she doesn’t get what she wants she is manipulating and is controlling the situation to her favor for the good or the bad. This person can’t be on her own. She needs other people around her to boost her ego. She is very self-absorbed.


The queen of wands reversed feels burned out because she might not set her goals properly. She could feel she need to set new goals.

As feelings this queen reversed can indicate the dramatic need for attention or the need for manipulation for bad or for worse.

Reversed this queen has feelings of jealousy and anger and revenge.

As well in the upright as in the reversed position this queen is all about image. She is very conscious of herself. When reversed she feels embarrased about her reputation.

Feelings of frustration when you didn’t get the attention you had in mind are presented by the queen of wands reversed.


Someone wants to get what they want over the needs of other people.

A situation where there is no one who is able to stand up for their self, they need to get in their strength again.

someone who has company from a manipulative and egoistic woman or has a love relationship with a woman like that.

The queen of wands tarot card reversed isn’t a reliable situation and can be the third person in the relationship. Probably just because she needed some attention at the moment.


  • gain self- esteem
  • gain self-confidence
  • find your faith back
  • help other people
  • restore the belief in yourself

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