Queen of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Queen of Pentacles Tarot card meanings – Queen of Coins upright

Summary: The queen of pentacles is a trustful and reliable person, caretaker, a nurse, someone who manages money, someone who is developing her skills, businesswoman, someone who likes comfort, a nature lover, animal lover, generous, stable person, someone who practices natural healing, someone with a long-term mindset, practical person, hard worker, healer, someone in a long term relationship, loyal person.

as a person

The queen of pentacles upright has a lot in common with the Empress card. Where the Empress card is a major arcana card that represents the archetype of mother nature and can also represent abundance, the queen of pentacles represents some characteristics and properties of the card. The queen of pentacles is a more practical, independent and earthly person where the Empress represents abstract ideas like abundance, mother nature and nurturing in general. The queen of pentacles is a very warm, generous and unselfish person. She gives freely and abundantly. She is very trustworthy and is true to her word. This queen is very down to earth and you can be yourself around her. She is practical, hard-working and likes security. She is sensitive, a good mother and wife and at the same time she is independent. This queen is organised and a good manager. She is a wise person and has the ability to maintain healthy relationships. The queen of pentacles is traditional and marriage material. She is wealthy and knows that all the hard work is paying off. Queens represent mature males and females.

as feelings

The queen of pentacles upright can indicate comfortable feelings and feelings of security. The queen of pentacles likes to nurture people and so it can indicate caring feelings. It can also indicate feelings of physical attraction.

as a situation

The queen of pentacles is a comfortable situation where you feel safe. Someone is probably taking care of you or you are taking care of someone.

as advice

  • care for the ones you love
  • be true to your word
  • eat healthy food
  • work in the garden to get more grounded
  • manage your money

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Queen of Pentacles Tarot card meanings – Queen of Coins reversed

Summary: Finds it difficult to trust other people, likes spending money, smothering person, someone who feels like missing comfort in their life, shopaholic, not able to manage their money, someone who only gives and all forget about themself.

as a person

The queen of pentacles reversed is someone who does not trust, she has a suspicious nature. She can have insecurity problems and can be very passive. She finds it difficult to move forward and isn’t developing herself.

This queen reversed can be moody and narrow-minded. Instead of caring for others like the queen of pentacles upright, this queen is very domineering. She doesn’t care about positive results and doesn’t take her responsibilities. She can also hinder your plans.

Reversed this queen can be very materialistic and be attracted to you because of your money our status.

Otherwise this person can be smothering. She is only taking care of others and forgot about herself.

The queen of pentacles reversed could also indicate a person who want to claim you.

as feelings

The feelings of the queen of pentacles reversed could be feelings of suspicion or fear.

The queen of pentacles could represent someone who feels (financially) insecure at the moment. They might have financial worries at the moment.

Another way the interpret the queen of pentacles is as a person who doesn’t feel comfortable or at home.


as a situation

Financial worries and uncomfortable situations are taken place when the queen of pentacles show up.

as advice

  • clean and take care of your root and you heart chakra
  • take better care of your health or maybe your appearance
  • be nice for yourself like giving yourself a present
  • develop empathy for people
  • boost your self-esteem
  • create a comfortable home


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