page of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Page of Knives – Upright

summary: Direct short messages, messages that are to the point, shout out, just saying as it is, uncomplicated thinking, text message, newsflash, sound, yell, question, someone who is more focused on telling how it is then thinking about their feelings about it, saying it loud out, words, communicator who is to the point, honest answers, good questions, a: “yes”.

as a person

The page of swords is someone who thinks it is very important to tell his point of view on what is going on. This page is finding out the facts by giving feedback, commentary and asking questions. He is very analytical and is developing his rational skills. The page of swords likes to study the facts and to do research. To clear any confusion this page exposes what is hidden. Because he is a page he didn’t develop his skills and therefore he can be sometimes harsh in his way of communicating, although he just wants to be honest and fair. It is important to him to treat people equally. The page of swords represents young children and new experiences that have to do with thoughts, concept and ideas.

as feelings

The page of swords doesn’t have romantic feelings. He wants to know what is right and acts ethically. It could be that there is some struggle to gain clarity about feelings. Someone is asking himself what he feels about the situation. He can also be curious.

as messages

This messages can be formal and are coming through e-mail, conferences or calls. The messages that the page of swords represent are concepts or ideas about something. The messages of the page of swords can be received as disappointing and it can be unexpected.

as a situation

It could be that someone can’t give what he promised.

The page of swords indicates that there is a new phase in your life where you are using your logic more then normally.

Someone is being very direct and honest. This could be percieved as not very tactful but it is honest.

as advice

  • be sure you are capable of doing what you promised you can do
  • think before you speak
  • is it necessary to give feedback?

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Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Page of Knives – Reversed


summary: Silence, communication problems, voice problem, gossip, slander, someone telling hurtfull words, false note or tone, cry for help, no news, hurtfull news, someone who talks too much, someone who is stuttering, problems with breathing.

as a person

The page of swords reversed isn’t using his or her words in a correct way. They might not listen well. The page of swords reversed could tell about someones ability to talk or their readings skills. It could be someone with dyslexia, someone who stutters or someone who lost his or her words. The page of swords reversed could also be someone who doesn’t understand what you are talking about. This could be because they speak a different language for example.

If there is no evidence in the reading on mental or physical communication problems, it could tell something about the character of a person. The page of swords reversed doesn’t pay any attention on how their words will be received by others. They use words in a unfriendly way by purpose like gossip, slander or cursing. Even though this page could be coming over as unfriendly with words, he has less influence on the situation then for example a king or a queen. Depending on the surrounding cards in a reading this page could create tense and miscommunication. This page could be a liar or a spy depending on the reading and the surrounding cards. In the best way the page of swords reversed could indicate characteristics of someone silent who doesn’t talk much.

as feelings

The page of swords doesn’t have anything to do with romantic feelings but it could indicate that someone lost his or her words. Look at the surrounding cards in the reading what the reason is for this silence. When the page of swords shows up reveresed you might feel mentally overwhelmed.

as messages

A harsh sentence could be presented by the page of swords reversed. Also short text messages and internet messages that are received as unfriendly and blunt can be presented by the page of swords reversed. It could also be an empty message that you received. Especially in combination with the 8 of wands reversed this page can indicate internet and communication problems.

as a situation

Immature situations in regard to expressing thoughts can be presented by the page of swords reversed. The page of swords reversed brings often bad news.

as advice

– be conscious of what people you let into your life
– take baby steps so you won’t feel mentally overwhelmed
– think before you speak
– is it necessary to give feedback?
– Treat people the way you like to be treated


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