page of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Princess of Cups – Page of Chalices Upright

summary: Sweet attentive message, innocence, sweet child, having spiritual experiences, loving person, a starting interest in art, poetry and creative subjects, learning about art and spirituality.

as a person

The page of cups upright indicates a young minded person or one who has a sensitive nature. The page of cups is someone who likes poetry, art and spiritual subjects. This is a very friendly person or an innocent child.

as feelings

These feelings are not mature feelings. These are the feelings of a child. It can be that this card represent feelings of being emphati. The page of cups could represent a person or child who did not develop their own opinion about the subject yet.

as a message

This card can indicate a friendly, loving and innocent message or a love letter. As a message the page of cups could also just represent someone who says spontaniously something to you without any intentions.

as a situation

This card can indicate a new positive experience in your love life.

as advice

  • be open to new love experiences
  • be open to your feelings
  • Send a friendly open-hearted message

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Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Princess of Cups – Page of Chalices Reversed


summary: Using spirituality in a immature way, crying baby, crying over nothing, can’t put their finger on what they are feeling, being mislead in your feelings, naivity, shyness, fobias, childish behavior.

as a person

The page of cups reversed didn’t develop his emotional side. This page can be emotional immature and overly dependent of others. He does things that he regrets afterwards and he is not very honest. He promise things but can not give any commitment. This is an unrealistic person.

This page is emotionally insecure. In a relationship he is checking all the time if he is still loved. This page flees away in fantasy worlds to escape reality by daydreaming, drugs, alcohol and overeating.

This page is experimenting with things that he doesn’t have knowledge about that are dangerous and irresponsible. This can be someone who doesn’t know anything about channeling but thinks magic thinking and inviting entities is a game with all its consequences. He lost his connection with spirituality.

The page of cups reversed can have an innocent appearance but he is definitely a charmer, a flirt. He is excited about the conquering but he doesn’t want to call it a relationship.

This can be someone who likes to appear as a young person but is in fact much older.

as feelings

These feelings are emotionally immature. It could be that someone feels overly dependent of others.

The loving part is repressed.

Another option is that this page is repressing his emotions but it is more likely that after he seduced you and got what he wants, is not interested anymore.

as a message

This page brings news that is upsetting.

as a situation
This is a very immature situation where people are having emotional outburst and saying things that they regret afterwards.

as advice

  • do not react out of emotion, just feel your feelings
  • do you mind being with someone who is emotionally immature?
  • don’t promise what doesn’t match the reality


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