Knight of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – knight of rods – prince of wands – upright


summary: Being enthusiastic, being a party animal, being driven but without knowing the limits, wanting to be sexy, feeling attractive, uncontrolled sexual feelings, hot temper, trying to get what you want, wanting people to take certain actions and to persuade them by enthusiasm, acting self-assured.

as a person

The knight of wands tarot card indicates a high energetic personality. This knight is a enthusiastic person who likes to socialize with people. This court card personality is very passionate about what he does. Itt is important for this knight to keep in touch with reality because he can be too reckless because of his enthusiasm. The knight of wands tarot card represents someone who is very much action orientated and often acts before he thinks. He takes risks and is very self-confident and can be even cocky sometimes because this knight didn’t fully develop himself like the king of wands did. The self-confidence of the knight of wands is therefore more vulnerable because it is not based on self-knowledge. He is very daring and self-assured but can be irresponsible and superficial. The knight of wands can represent teenagers and young people in there twenties.

as feelings

The knight of wands tarot card can indicate enthusiastic and passionate feelings that can change quickly. These feelings can be a superficial or temporary.

The knight of wands feels sexy and handsome. As feelings of someone it could indicate that they feel you like to be sexy and that it is important to you. They could also see you as someone who likes to party.

as a message

This can be an invitation to travel together or to undertake something together.
The knight of wands can be a wild and enthusiastic plan to undertake.

as a situation

The knight of wands can represent a hot-tempered situation where it is important to keep your head cool, especially when there are a lot of wands in the tarot spread. The knight of wands could represent an action orientated situation where there is a lot of space for creative expession. It probably is an adventurous experience.

as advice

Since the knight of wands is very action orientated it can be an advice to take action and to stay enthusiastic. Find out what really makes you move.


Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – knight of rods – prince of wands – reversed


summary: Trying to get what you want in an agressive way, being pushy, overruling people, having a lack of energy, being demotivated, being recalcitrant, being cocky, drugs abuse, no sexual limits, over-indulgent.

as a person

When the knight of wands tarot card shows up reversed it can be that he lost his energetic behavior and passion but it can also be that he is doing things in extremes. This knight isn’t balanced in any case.

This hot-tempered knight of wands reversed doesn’t like to be tamed. He wants to do it his way and everybody has to listen to him. The knight of wands reversed is very impatient and wastes energy. He is fooling around, wasting money, too much exercise, partying a lot and he can’t say no. He is very restless and is never happy with what he has. Besides he is very aggressive in his approach. He has more enemies than friends.

When the knight of wands tarot card reversed is representing a person that lost his passion, the reason for loosing passion is probably indecisiveness. The knight of wands could be switching decisions within seconds.

as a message

This card can indicate a aggressive message.

It can also just simply be an invite to a party that is going on too long where you are going to have too many drinks. You will find the knight of wands here probably.

as a situation

The atmosphere can be very hot-tempered. No one is listening to each other and ego’s are bumping into each other. As a situation the knight of wands reversed is just a hot mess.

as advice

  • take some time for yourself
  • learn to say no
  • go to a hot sauna to relax


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