knight of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Knight of Chalices – upright


summary: Dreamer, romantic ideas and romantic events, being in love, getting a romantic invitation, the guy who thinks he can “save” the girl, dreaming about someone.

as a person

The knight of cups tarot card represents a young friendly person who is dreamy, imaginative and has high romantic ideals. He or she likes to use caressing words or likes to send you love songs and love letters. He is very passionate and is probably more in love with being in love then with a person.

The knight of cups could also be the guy that thinks he can rescue women.

The knight of cups is someone who is seen as a peacekeeper, he restores peace and he is very diplomatic. He is the most friendly knight of all the knights in the tarot deck.

If someone sees you as the knight of cups they find you a very friendly person with good intentions. In regard to work and career you might need to show your boss that you can take on the responsabilities that come with your tasks if he sees you as the knight of cups.

as feelings

The knight of cups as feelings indicates romantic expressions. It can be that your lover tells you that he bought tickets to go with you on a romantic trip by boat while he made you a champagne breakfast.The knight of cups is not a very active person but very imaginative and dreamy, so there have to be wands in the reading to bring some action.

as a message

The knight of cups as a message will probably be a romantic or dreamy message. Most likely the knight of cups upright indicate as a message a romantic love letter, flowers or a gift by mail. Maybe even a serenade under your window.

as a situation

This indicate a situation like romantic scenes in the movies.

As a situation in regard to work and career you might have an idealistic or romantic approach in your work. In some positions this is needed. For example when you are a writer of a girls magazine for example or you write romantic poetry. But you might need to get back to reality when the knight of cups shows up for you as a lawyer. The knight of cups could also simply be an idealistic way of thinking which isn’t bad at all but since the knights do not master their element (in this case the suit of cups) yet it will be good to check yourself if you are realistic in regard to jobs. This is because the knight of cups sometimes overlook the responsabilities that comes with the tasks.

as advice

  • let someone know that you are interested in him or her romantically
  • invest in your romantic life; go on a trip or do water sports
  • dare to dream more

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Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Knight of Chalices – reversed


summary: Living in their own world, not being in the present, nostalgic feelings, not wanting to see reality, experimenting with alcohol and drugs, spiritual experiences that makes that you are not in the present.

as a person

When reversed the knight of cups is more like a charmer, someone who likes to seduce you because of selfish reasons.

This knight can be in love with himself and uses boyfriends or girlfriends as a confirmation that he is the most handsome and nice guy in the world.

This knight projects bad past experiences with other girls/boys on you. For example when you date a guy and even if he doesn’t know you yet, he blames you for something that his ex-girlfriend did to him.

as feelings

The feelings of the knight of cups turned sour. He represses feelings he had before or he is just not interested anymore. Maybe he loves himself more then he loves you.

as a message

Cancellation of social appointments. Emotional outbursts.

as a situation

This indicate unpredictable circumstances. Someone who seemed so friendly shows his “other side”.

as advice

  • release old patterns and emotions that no longer serve you
  • heal negative past experiences
  • are your dreams something you want to make reality and how realistic are they


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