kings of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

King of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – King of Knives – Upright


summary: Logical conclusions, rational thinking, fair conclusions, sound decisions, important information, teacher, analytic guide, someone made a logical decision or conclusion, seperate the wheat from the chaff, discovering the truth or someone discovering the truth.

as a person

The king of swords is a clear thinker. He cuts through mental fog and can find solutions very quickly. He likes mental challenges and is a stimulating conversationalist. This king communicate his ideas very well and clear. He speaks clear language and is honest. The person that is represented by the king of swords can be a very good writer. He has an objective approach and can create clearness and order in a chaotic situation. The king of swords represents a mature male or female.

as feelings

The head is ruling over the heart when this card appears for feelings. It can indicate that someone has a very intellectual view of you.

as a situation

This situation is a mental challenge. It is important to use your logic and not let your emotions get to involved in it.

as advice

  • create clearness
  • try your logical point of view of this subject
  • be objective


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King of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – King of Knives- Reversed


summary: Jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, unfair decisions, irrational behavior, wrong decisions, lying, lyer, miscommunication by purpose, stories leading to injustice, pointing a finger to the wrong person, wrong information.

as a person

The king of swords reversed can be a mature person who is confused and who makes bad and wrong decisions. Besides that he can be very judgemental.

The king of swords upright could have a job like a teacher, a surgery, a judge, a lawyer, a writer or any other job where you need critical thinking, analytical, decisive skills and skilled in regard to teaching. When reversed the king of swords can be someone who makes mistakes in their work because they jump to conclusions.

In love and relationships the king of swords reversed is very critical on his/her partner and tells him/her how to dress and how to live etc. This king is arrogant and makes often sarcastic remarks. He is controlling and can be overbearing. His head is ruling over his heart. His decisions in love and relationships are based on thoughts not feelings. It is the type of person who did see that you moved the book on the table 2 centimeters to the right when he was gone. The king of swords reversed is someone that is using his qualities in the wrong way.

The king of sword reversed is also someone who has a lack of focus and direction. Indecisiveness could be the result.

as feelings

The kings of swords doesn’t have any romantic feelings when he shows up reversed. He thinks his thoughts and logic are in a relationship at this moment more important, but reversed he can’t think clearly nor does he make logic conclusions. The king of swords reversed is overly critical, controlling and starts nasty arguments. He can be demanding as well.

For feelings the king of swords reversed could indicate feeling of unfairness or the feeling that someone is treating you unfairly by making wrong decisions.

as a situation

The king of swords reversed could indicate a situation where people make wrong decisions or behave judgemental towards each other. It could also be that someone just made a wrong decision. There is a lack of clarity in this situation.

as advice

create clearness and clarity
try your logical point of view of this subject
be objective
Be more decisive in this situation


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