ace of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – Ace of coins – upright


The ace of pentacles tarot card offers a foundation for a stable new beginning. Pentacles are about physical or material manifestations. Aces are about new beginnings and offer new opportunities. So when this ace shows up you could think of new money opportunities, new kind of financial incomes, a new house or getting a new job.

The ace of pentacles tarot card indicates starting something new to last for a longer time.

ace of pentacles love & relationship tarot readings

In regard to love and feelings the ace of pentacles show durable feelings. If the ace of pentacles appears as feelings of someone else towards you, this person prefers a durable relationship. Pentacles are representing the tangible. They arrive slower to you but they last longer.

In love relationships the ace of pentacles shows that you are ready for new ventures. If you are about moving houses and the 4 of wands shows up, you probably like to move in together with someone or you will find a new house together.

For singles the ace of pentacles could indicate that your date is becoming more then a date or these possibilities are there. The ace of pentacles tarot card could also indicate you are simply feeling ready for more. When the ace of pentacles shows up upright there will be opportunities coming your way, you first need to acknowledge them.

ace of pentacles job & career tarot readings

When the ace of pentacles tarot card shows up in your job and career tarot reading they represent sustainable and durable opportunities coming your way. This can be new kind of incomes but also new opportunities for income.

The more you are aware of the opportunities you have, the more chance you have you will take them and develop them succesfully. So when an ace show up in your tarot reading it is important to acknowledge that opportunity and to find out how you can take it.

The kind of job you might attract when the ace of pentacles tarot card shows up is a practical job or a job that has to do with tangible items (like working in an physical/offline shop) finances, assets, handcrafting or workmanship.

ace of pentacles as outcome

  • wealth and abundance
  • new opportunities that appear in physical forms
  • be conscious about the opportunit(ies) that are given to you
  • physical manifestation of ideas
  • the possibility to turn something into reality
  • advice to turn ideas into physical forms
  • opportunity for growth
  • pay attention to your long term goals

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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – Ace of coins – reversed


Reversed the ace of pentacles tarot card can indicate that you are not aware of opportunities and possibilities.

Reversed the ace of pentacles can be an advice to be more down to earth and be more realistic.

When reversed, the ace of pentacles means that an opportunity is on it’s way to you but it has a delay. For example if you are expecting to receive a positive message about the job interview you had. Reversed the ace of pentacles means that it isn’t sure yet if you are about to receive it. It could be that you have to put in a bit more effort to get what you like to have.

Reversed this ace means that someone isn’t ready yet for a durable relationship. It could also indicate that someone isn’t clear about what he or she wants yet because you just started the relationship.The relationship needs to develop first, which takes more time. When the ace of pentacles shows up this indicates that there is a possibility to be together in a serious relationship but there is more time needed to know.

ace of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • Take you changes and be aware of material opportunities
  • an opportunity will come your way but it will take some more time
  • short term ideas, think more about long term ideas
  • losing opportunities
  • losing physical contact
  • take better care of your body



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