9 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

9 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – nine of coins – 9 of disks – upright


The 9 of pentacles tarot card is a very independent card. It is a card of wealth, material success and comfort. When this tarot card shows up in your reading there is a need to reach such comfort or wealth to become more independent.

Taking good care for yourself (and your health) could be represented by the 9 of pentacles. So when you have planned to visit a spa or you are going to a beauty therapist this card might show up. This card is about experiencing abundance on an individual level. It can indicate achieving a comfortable lifestyle.

The number 9 is connected to the major arcana tarot card the hermit which is about solitude and inner experiences.

9 of pentacles love and relationships tarot reading

The 9 of pentacles is a period in a relationship when you have all the time and space for yourself. This tarot card shows that you are making yourself comfortable. This could also be a relationship with a lot of space for your own interests and your own lifestyle.

The 9 of pentacles as feelings shows that you are comfortable with this person and that you feel you can be just yourself in this relationship.

Another meaning for the 9 of pentacles tarot card as feelings could be that you feel you need some time for yourself at the moment. Maybe you are a woman in a relationship and thinking about a girls night or you are a man in a relationship thinking about a boys night out.

9 of pentacles job & career tarot reading

Your lifestyle is probably comfortable because of your career or business when the 9 of pentacles shows up in your job and career reading.

So when this tarot card appears in the future position there will be more comfort coming into your life in regard to money and finances.

The 9 of pentacles tarot card could also show up when you have the desire to start a business yourself.

As a job the 9 of pentacles represent the kind of job where you can work in the environment you like so in your pyjama’s could be possible as well.

9 of pentacles as outcome

  • independent success
  • comfortable lifestyle
  • opportunity to make more money and taking time off
  • spare time
  • relying on yourself
  • enjoying your “me time”

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9 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – nine of coins – 9 of disks – reversed


When reversed the 9 of pentacles tarot card can indicate a period when you need to spend more quality time for yourself. So for example you might need to take yourself out and make it yourself more comfortable.

9 of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • it is important at this moment that you are depending on yourself
  • investing more in yourself (personal development, beauty, health)
  • it is time to spend more time with yourself
  • the time of being alone is over
  • reserve more quality time


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