9 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

9 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – nine of chalices – upright


The nine of cups tarot card upright is called the “wish” card. Things are going the way you have planned it. Be carefull what you wish for because the 9 of cups shows that it is possible that it will happen to you.

9 of cups love & relationship tarot reading

This tarot card represents a relationship that you wished for and it will be a time to enjoy.

The 9 of cups as feelings are complecent feelings. The feeling that you have got what you wanted. So if this card shows up for feelings towards you, they feel very satisfied in this relationship. It could also be that they are mainly focused on their own pleasures in this relationship. Also feelings of smugness, self-satisfaction and contentment are feelings that are represented by the 9 of cups. As feeling the 9 of cups could also be simply feelings of being fulfilled in the relationship.

9 of cups job & career tarot readings

When the 9 of cups shows up in your career tarot reading you will get what you wished for. So if this card appears for example in the future position in your tarot spread, you will get what you wish for. So be conscious on what you wish for.

When the 9 of cups tarot card shows up in the present position you are already at the job where you get what you want, so it isn’t likely you move away from here. If you do consider changing jobs the advice of the 9 of cups is to keep in mind what makes the job you have right now so fulfilling for you because this is the direction you need to search for.

Another advice of the 9 of cups is to be grateful for what you already have.

9 of cups as outcome

  • getting what you want or wished for
  • getting what you want out of your relationship
  • let the things happen to you
  • wishing
  • feeling that a wish comes true
  • feeling content
  • physical enjoyment like food and sex
  • be grateful

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9 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – nine of chalices – reversed


When reversed the 9 of cups tarot card you still get what you want but you have to do some work to get it. It is still a nice card to get in a reading if you are conscious of what you wish for.

As a person the 9 of cups can indicate a person who gets what he wants but he can’t get satisfaction.

9 of cups reversed as outcome

  • have to make more of an effort to get what you want
  • feelings of greediness
  • too much physical enjoyment
  • addiction
  • superficial and materialistic desires
  • being egoistic
  • your wishes are coming true but more reduced in comparing to what you wished for


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