8 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

8 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – eight of rods – upright


Things are going very fast when the 8 of wands appears in a tarot spread. This can be a fast progress of something like for example the development of a relationship.

The energy of the 8 of wands is very high. Your situation is developing in a high tempo.

The 8 of wands can indicate a short fast message like a textmessage.

When the 8 of wands appears in the past it indicates that the current situation is created by a temporary situation or a quick message. The current situation doesn’t have a stable foundation in the past but is based on circumstances that passed by. For example when the 8 of wands shows in the present position and the ace of wands in the current position, the querent could have take there chance on a opportunity that passed by. Remember, this is just one way to read it. Take a good look at the surrounding cards in this tarot reading.

When the 8 of wands appears in the future position results will happen at high speed. Fast results and quick messages will    be next.

8 of wands in job & career tarot readings

You don’t have to wait long for the results on your job interview because the 8 of wands is a fast and straight message.

The 8 of wands tarot card can also show up in your tarot reading when there was a distortion on the workfloor and now it is solved. Fast problem solving is present when this tarot card shows up.

You are very to the point with your conversations when the 8 of wands tarot card shows up.

8 of wands in love and relationships tarot readings

For feelings the 8 of wands indicate hot tempered feelings that do not last long, they pass by. Also spontanious feelings are represented by the 8 of wands. Feelings for fast needs could be represented by the 8 of wands. In regard to sexual feelings the 8 of wands represents the need for a “quicky”.

For singles this card could indicate a fling or a fast romance. You date could also be very to the point what he or she likes from you.

When you are in a relationship developments will go very fast in the right direction.

8 of wands as outcome


  • fast messages
  • fast development
  • quick results
  • short trip
  • turbulent time
  • environment with busy people
  • just do it now
  • air travelling

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8 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – eight of rods – reversed


The energy of the 8 of wands reversed is blocked and causes delays. You might miss your bus, flight or train when the 8 of wands shows up.

Because the 8 of wands is about energy and movement it may seem as a boring situation when the 8 of wands appears reversed. The developments are not going as fast as expected.

The energy of the 8 of wands can be less focused on a target. This can be a confusing and disorganized period of time.

Bad communication and a lack of communication could be the case when the 8 of wands reversed appears.

For feelings the 8 of wands reversed show that this person could be beating the bush when it comes to their feelings for someone. This could create a confusing situation for all the parties that are involved.

8 of wands reversed as outcome

  • developments are not as fast as expected
  • things are going too slow and therefore they can be boring
  • messages are having delays
  • public transport delays
  • wrong directions
  • someone that is not ready for a relationship and is taking it slow
  • unclear messages, half messages
  • abuse of energy, lack of energy
  • being too hastY


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