8 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

8 of Pentacles Tarot Meanings – eight of coins – 8 of disks – upright


The 8 of pentacles can indicate a person who is working hard and is also paying attention to the details. This can be a perfectionist but it can be also a period for the querent when he or she has the feeling that he or she has to prove him or herself and wants to make the best of it. This tarot card can indicate a period of learning new skills by practicing.

8 of pentacles love & relationship tarot reading

For relationships the 8 of pentacles tarot card could indicate that someone is trying to make the relationship work. Another option, depending on the cards around, it that someone is processing relationship experiences.

The 8 of pentacles as feelings indicate that this person feels this relationship is worth to work on. They find it important to meet their appointments and they do their best to deliver their promises. If this card shows up in a relationship tarot reading you don’t want to dissapoint the other person or party.

8 of pentacles job & career tarot readings

In regard to job and career the 8 of pentacles shows that you are developing your skills. If you have a job this could indicate that you are improving your work and if you don’t have a job you are doing very well and there will be soon positive results. The 8 of pentacles is a card of workmanship and someone who is very good at their job. You find it very important to deliver good work and you know how to do this. It could be that you find that it isn’t the right time to make any mistake. Hard work and good work will be delivered when the 8 of pentacles shows up in a career reading and good work will be rewarded.

8 of pentacles as outcome

  • sticking to appointments
  • important details
  • independent work
  • paying more attention to your work and to the details
  • working hard for yourself and the people you love
  • developing a relationship

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8 of Pentacles Tarot Meanings – eight of coins – 8 of disks – reversed


When the 8 of pentacles tarot card shows up reversed it can indicate a lack of motivation.

Someone is not sticking to appointments that are made and work is unfinished.

When you work too many hours your work could suffer from it. You might need to take a break when the 4 of swords shows up nearby. The hermit tarot card could indicate you need to take some time to overthink your work first. In any case the 8 of pentacles reversed shows that it is time for another approach regarding your work or relationship because you might start to get sloppy.

It can be that someone is working at something with an egoistic motivation.

8 of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • half work
  • not keeping yourself at appointments
  • unfinished work
  • overworking
  • delays at the work area
  • no motivation
  • vague appointments
  • being perfectionistic
  • being sloppy


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