8 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

8 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – eight of chalices – upright


When this card appears the querent is leaving the current situation to go on with his journey. He leaves something he found important behind to enter a new period in his life, by purpose. The querent knows that it is time to leave the old situation.

8 of cups love & relationship tarot reading

The 8 of cups tarot card does not necessarily indicate the end of a relationship but it is a move to something new like a new period in the relationship. The old situation doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore. There is a need for fulfilment when the 8 of cups tarot card shows up.

The advice of the 8 of cups is that if something, someone or a relationship isn’t working anymore for you, it is time to leave.

The 8 of cups as feelings indicate that this person feels like they need to take a different direction in the relationship. They might think about moving on or bringing the relationship to another level so they can feel fulfilled again because they don’t feel right about what is happening in this relationship at the moment. They felt good in this relationship before bt now they feel it is time for a new approach.

8 of cups job & career tarot readings

When the 8 of cups shows up in your career tarot reading it feels like it is time to leave something behind in your work that you considered very important in the past. The reason to move is away s because you found something better. For example if you always found it very important to earn a lot of money and now you found a job that earns less money but you love to do the job. So you are leaving something behind that have served you in the past but doesn’t serve you anymore.

8 of cups as outcome

  • old feelings and old hurts are left behind
  • leaving to find something better
  • a new direction
  • moving on to a better place consciously
  • searching for more certainty

8 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – eight of chalices – upright


The querent is not ready yet to move on and leave old patterns and behaviors. It is important to live more conscious and to get ready for a new life and break through old patterns that do not work.

8 of cups reversed as outcome

  • leaving at the wrong time
  • someone is coming back to you
  • live more conscious and do not react out of emotion
  • being stuck in old patterns and behavior
  • can’t move on yet because you find it difficult to let go of the subject


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