7 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Seven 7 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – seven of rods – upright


When upright the seven of wands tarot card indicate self-defense. In this situation it is important to know where you are and to stand up for your rights.

The seven of wands tarot card upright motivates you to explain himself in a neutral way. Don’t get fired up but just tell your point because you are in your right to do so.

The number 7 is mainly about strategy in tarot, This strategy can differ from waiting to sneaking away to creating arguments for yourself or even to live in an illusion for a while.

With the 7 of wands there comes a lot of questioning one self.

Seven 7 of wands in job & career tarot readings


If you are asking yourself if you are in the right career or job at the moment and the 7 of wands tarot card shows up, there are enough reasons for yourself to be in this job. You might still be passionate about the job you do because of these reasons.

After doing a task you sometimes need to argue to your manager why you did what you did and why. The 7 of wands card indicates the reasons you are sharing with this person.

Standing up for yourself in the workplace is presented by the 7 of wands. You will be clear in presenting your arguments when this card is showing up.

Seven 7 of wands as feelings & in love relationship tarot readings


When you ask the cards: “Is this relationship still right for me?” and the 7 of wands upright shows up you have good reasons for yourself why you are in this relationship. It isn’t over and done with this relationship because you still get a lot out of it.

As a relationship card it could indicate that the partners are thinking over if this is the right path together and the answer is ” yes’, there is still alot to fight for.

When the 7 of wands appear in a tarot reading for feelings there is a need for defend. There is somekind of process going on (take a look at the surrounding cards to find out) where there is a need for defence.

Seven 7 of wands as outcome


  • defending your position and explaining yourself
  • self-doubt isn’t necessary, you are in your right
  • go on with what you are doing and explain it
  • don’t be aggressive with your opinion, but make it very clear
  • daring to say “no”
  • standing up for your rights

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Seven 7 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – seven of rods – reversed


When reversed this card indicates it is necessary to be sure that other people are treating you with respect. Don’t let yourself be treated badly and stand up for yourself.

It is important to believe in yourself, to stay loyal to yourself and to defend your point of view. Be decisive and stable.

For feelings the 7 of wands reversed could indicate not feeling able to stand up for yourself. You feel treated badly or you just don’t feel you can defend your situation or defend yourself under your circumstances.

Six 7 of wands reversed as outcome


  • your self-defence isn’t strong enough
  • put more effort in defending yourself
  • someone you don’t want to have a conflict with
  • take action and go your way
  • go for what you want In a love relationship
  • you need to be sure to treat each other more as equals


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