7 of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

7 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – seven of knives  – upright


The seven of swords indicates that something is taken away from you or that you are take something away. It could also be about hiding something or stealing something. This could be positive or negative.

It can be that someone is hiding information for you. This person probably thinks it is an easy way out because this could be for example a shameful secret.

This card can indicate that someone is stealing your ideas or is lying. It can also mean that someone or a company is spying into your life. This could be related to the internet for example where data is being collected. Also patent related subjects and copycats could be represented by the 7 of swords.

7 of swords love & relationship tarot reading

The 7 of swords as feelings indicate that you might wish you was invisible or you feel like hiding. Together with the page of cups reversed it could indicate that you are feeling shy when someone you like is nearby. The of swords also indicates that you are hiding some information for this person.

The 7 of swords in a relationship reading is often a sign that there are secrets involved especially when the high priestess reversed is nearby.

Another way to explain the meaning of the 7 of swords is that someone got away with certain kind of behavior which is not appropriate. Maybe you are not strict enough or you let yourself be treaten as a doormat so other people can get away with bad behavior for example.

Flight behavior could also be represented by the 7 of swords.

When you have the feeling you can’t trust a certain person and the 7 of swords is showing up, check this person before trusting them.

The 7 of swords could also indicate that your throughts are running away with you. Together with the 7 of cups you might be in a state of confusion. When the moon tarot card is also nearby you might need to get more down to earth and to stay realistic. The 7 of swords together with the moon indicate that you are probably not aware of what is going on behind your back or behind the scenes

7 of swords job & career tarot readings

The 7 of swords tarot card in a job and career reading indicates that there might be a data leak happening in the company for example. It could also be that something has being stolen from the company when the justice card reversed shows up nearby because it shows illegal events. This combination could represent copycats that are reproducing the product or services of the company you work for.

Also hackers could be represented by the 7 of swords.

When information is being hided for the audience the 7 of swords could show up.

7 of swords as outcome

  • be clear in your intentions
  • an untrustworthy person
  • keeping something secret, hiding the truth
  • talking behind someones back
  • stealing something
  • lying and betrayal
  • sneaking away and taking the easy way out
  • a time when you have to take something for yourself
  • wanting to do something on your own
  • secret relationship

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7 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – seven of knives  – reversed


When reversed the 7 of swords can indicate a release of old bad habits. This can be a time that you realise that it can’t go on like this. An advice is to be more open and honest and to work on your self reflection.

Reversed this card can indicate that the things that were stolen are getting back to the owner. Lost objects or data could be found.

7 of swords reversed as outcome

  • get over obstables
  • others getting there advantage over you
  • hidden truths are coming to the surface
  • release old habits


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