7 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

7 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – seven of coins – 7 of disks – upright

When the 7 of pentacles shows up in your reading you have planted the seeds and now it is almost time to harvest. It is important to be patient so your plan will work out.

It is possible that someone is evaluating the situation when the 7 of pentacles shows up. So for example if you are waiting on someones answer on your question. Things are going the right way, be patient.

The 7 of pentacles shows that you did all you can do and now it is time to wait for the results.

The number 7 is seen as a magic number is many cultures. In tarot the number 7 is about research, evaluation, strategy and analysis.

7 of pentacles love & relationship tarot reading

The work is done and now it is time to relax and wait is what the 7 of pentacles indicate. For example you might have been caring for someone you love and now it is time to enjoy your time together. You might have created a stable foundation to enjoy the time together for a while.

You might be waiting for everything falling into place when the 7 of pentacles shows up. For example there might have been a process going on from just meeting someone and now you are both evaluating this friendship or relationship the 7 of pentacles shows up.

The 7 of pentacles as feelings could also indicate that you expect something from another person or a situation. It is like you are waiting for the moment to come.

7 of pentacles job & career tarot reading

The hard work is done, the seeds are planted and now you have to wait for the results. When you are a business owner you might have done some marketing when the 7 of pentacles shows up.

When you are an employee the 7 of pentacles could indicate the time you have spend and the work you have done for a company which could result in extra money like a pension fund for example.

The 7 of pentacles shows that you have build up something that you can enjoy later.

7 of pentacles as outcome

  • patience
  • investments
  • receiving the rewards for the hard work
  • evaluation
  • getting a mental picture on how to do something or how to take action.
  • harvesting the fruits of your hard work

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7 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – seven of coins – 7 of disks – reversed


When the 7 of pentacles reversed shows up in a reading there will still be a return for your efforts, it might be just not as fruitfull as you have liked. It is like you have planted the seeds and not all seeds transformed into a plant.

You should be probably more conscious if your investments are worth the time and effort you put in when the 7 of pentacles reversed shows up. You might need to think about what you really like to see as a result and work towards that goal.

7 of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • don’t waste your time on projects that you won’t get back what you put into it
  • making too much effort
  • the project or relationship is not for your best good
  • it is not neccesary to take a next step because you made up your mind


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