7 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

7 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – seven of chalices – upright


When the 7 of cups tarot card appears it indicates mixed feelings. The querent doesn’t know which direction to take. In this period it is good to make priorities and to get to know what direction you want to go. But are there really that many opportunities or is it just an illusion?

7 of cups love & relationship tarot reading

The 7 of cups as feelings indicate that there are feelings of confusion. We might not be aware of these confused feelings. We could even see them as a fantastic opportunity. For example when we fall in love we see things differently. The reality might be in the end far from how you see it at the moment.

An advice of the 7 of cups tarot card is to know where you are at in this period in your life because this is a card of illusions.

If you just meet someone new and the 7 of cups shows up for how you see this person you find it difficult to put your finger on how to see this person. It could also be that this person has many faces or is presenting themselves different from who they really are.

When you are in a relationship the 7 of cups is telling about illusions in this relationship whether it is about your own feelings, your partners  feelings towards you or the situation you are both in.

7 of cups job & career tarot readings

You might feel like there are many opportunities to choose from while in reality there aren’t much opportunities. The 7 of cups shows that when you are ready to face reality, you need  more clarity on this subject and a clear direction. At the moment you have been holding on to castles of air.

When someone is offering you a job and the 7 of cups tarot card shows up you don’t have a clear view on this job. It could be that you or the person who is offering you a job is not completly clear about it. It could be that they make the job sound nicer than it actually is. Be sure what this job is about and ask for evidences and more inside information because something doesn’t feel right here and there could be a catch.

7 of cups as outcome

  • not having a clear direction
  • too many opportunities that you don’t want
  • hesitation
  • creating illusions and fantasies
  • wishful thinking
  • seeing everything through pink glasses
  • know the strings before you attach to them

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7 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – seven of chalices – reversed


The illusion you had is fading away when the seven of cups appears reversed. It might still be difficult to make a choice but you are now seeing more clearly then before on what is really going on. This is often about personal and emotional wants and needs.

A decision could been made when the 7 of cups tarot card appears reversed  in a tarot spread. It is not necessarily a decision where you have been involved to come to this conclusion. Someone is more aware of what his wants and needs are.

7 of cups reversed as outcome

  • the illusion is fading away
  • make the situation more clear for yourself by
  • not making yourself any illusions
  • see it for what it is, nothing more nothing less
  • finding solutions
  • being unrealistic


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