6 of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

6 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – six of knives – upright


When upright the 6 of swords tarot card is about transition and letting go of the past (mistakes). It could also represent travelling.

The 6 of swords tarot card looks very similar to the 8 of cups. There is a significant difference between these cards. Where the 8 of cups is about leaving something where there was a lot of emotion attached to, the 6 of swords is about taking a different point of view and leaving the past behind. In the 8 of cups we see someone who leaves a unfulfilling situation and leaves the emotional baggage behind after the 7 of cups. With the 6 of swords there where difficulties in the past (the 5 of swords) that we are leaving behind. With the 6 of swords it is possible that someone else makes you aware of another point of view but with the 8 of cups it is a personal deliberately choice.

The six of swords is a card of transition. It is also a card of healing and moving to a more positive phase.The 8 of cups is about leaving something behind that was important to you before but now you will move forward to a fulfilling situation.

6 of swords love & relationship tarot reading

The 6 of swords as feelings is about leaving past convictions and past mistakes behind to move on to a more positive mindset. For example after having a disagreement the 6 of swords could indicate that you are getting over the conflict and moving on to a better or more positive perspective. Forgiveness can be represented by the 6 of swords.

Leaving assumptions and convictions behind in your relationship or about relationships in general could be represented by the 6 of swords. When a theory about something doesn’t work for you anymore the 6 of swords shows a mindshift.

If you was attracted to a certain type of person in the past, a certain kind of relationship or you changed your mind about what sex you are attracted to the 6 of swords shows that you are changing your mind about your preferences.

The 6 of swords represents that your mindset now resonates better with who you want to be.

6 of swords job & career tarot readings

When the 6 of swords shows up it could be that in the past you might have had a conflict with the company you worked for or with the kind of work you did. This conflict is over when the 6 of swords shows up. Take a look at the other cards in your reading how this problem was solved.

If you worked at a company or in a business for the wrong reason you might have realized you deserve better when the 6 of swords shows up.

6 of swords as outcome

  • changing your mind
  • time to move on by changing your point of view
  • leaving past convictions behind
  • travelling
  • healing by changing your point of view
  • getting on with life
  • positive change
  • moving to another place
  • moving on to a new phase
  • letting go of past mistakes
  • positive change
  • transition
  • taking a different point of view

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6 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – six of knives – reversed


Reversed the 6 of swords is about going back to the past or past experiences. For example when you are in a relationship that looks like a relationship that you had before.

The 6 of swords reversed could indicate that you need to recognize patterns in your thinking that stop you from moving on to a more positive mindset that brings you further.
An advice of the 6 of swords reversed is that you have to take the time to change. Don’t be in a hurry.

  • issues with traveling
  • temporary healing
  • difficulty with letting old ideas go
  • put more effort trying a new approach
  • let go of assumptions and convictions
  • going back to how it was before
  • cancelled vacation or plans
  • regression therapy and past related therapy


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