6 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

6 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – six of coins – six of disks – upright

The 6 of pentacles is about giving and receiving. The number 6 is about harmony and balance. When this tarot card show upright in your reading it indicates that giving and receiving creates harmony and that there is a sense of generosity involved in your situation.

6 of pentacles love & relationship tarot reading

The 6 of pentacles as feelings indicate that you and your partner like to share things with eachother. This could be experiences, presents, gifts, feelings, physical pleasure and sharing material items. There is a need to create harmony and balance because this is what the number 6 in tarot cards is often about. It often comes from both sides because the 6 of pentacles is about giving and receiving.

Your lover is prepared to give you help in areas where you need it when the six of pentacles shows up because they are being generous. It could also be that you are the one who is ready to help your partner.

A secret might be shared to you when this tarot card shows up or you are getting an update about a situation.

In fact generosity and sharing freely is an important meaning of this tarot card. Besides sharing and caring for each other this card is very physical oriented because the pentacles are about tangible things.

6 of pentacles job & career tarot reading

The 6 of pentacles tarot card could indicate your payday at work. You receive an amount of money when the 6 of pentacles shows up. This could be from the company you work for like a bonus or a reward.

Someone who is sponsoring you or your business can be represented by the 6 of pentacles because this card shows that you are being given or you gie someone an amount of money. So if you are sponsoring someone, this card could show up in your tarot reading.

Teaching someone a skill or receiving this knowledge could be represented by the six of pentacles tarot card. Also giving or receiving advice from someone is represented by the 6 of pentacles tarot card.

6 of pentacles as outcome

  • when you need help it will be given
  • sharing and getting a reward for it
  • being an investor
  • giving is receiving, receiving is giving
  • unconditionally

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6 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – six of coins – 6 of disks – reversedd


When reversed there is a disharmony in giving and receiving. It could be that you are giving or receiving more than the other person. It could also be that the giving and / or receiving is done to the wrong direction. For example your parter is the one who has the money but you are the one sharing your money with him. In fact this is about oversharing and this why this card could also show up when you are a pleaser who finds it difficult to dissapoint people.

6 of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • not being able to share
  • giving to the wrong people
  • disharmony in giving and receiving (in a relationship)
  • be sure that you are investing in the right direction
  • seek balance in giving and receiving
  • feeling co dependent or “needy”
  • conditionality


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