5 of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

5 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – five of knives – upright


The 5 of swords tarot card shows something or someone is not worth the effort or time. In a war no one is winning and that is what the 5 of swords is about. It will be better to spend your time en energy in things, people and events that make you feel good. So for example when you are against something it is a 5 of swords situation because it isn’t clear what you DO want. So all will be a loss because the time and energy you invest is in something you DON’T want.

The cliché that when you focus your attention on something it makes it grow is confirmed by the 5 of swords.

The 5 of swords could represent someone who always want to be “right”.

5 of swords love & relationship tarot reading

The 5 of swords as feelings is like the feeling of winning over someone elses back. It is not a real win when the 5 of swords shows up. No one is winning when the 5 of swords is showing up in your love reading. There is no reason to defend yourself or to attack because it will both be a loss. Only patience and forgiveness can be the right strategy to get over the conflict.

When the 5 of swords shows up you could feel like talking to a wall or swimmig against the stream. There could be disagreements and discussions going on.

When the 5 of swords tarot card appears there is a conflict going on. People might try to punish each other with words and it doesn’t solve any problem. For example when you blame someone but you are not sure if you are right about it.

This card could be about hurting each other feelings, probably with words when the 3 of swords is nearby.

5 of swords job & career tarot readings

The 5 of swords might show up in a job and career reading when this job is not for you. The 5 of swords could indicate that you will feel like you have worked so hard and reached nothing. It is not even like loosing a battle but more like you realize it wasn’t even worth it to start in the first place.

Shifting your focus to something else from the situation as it is could be the only thing that you can do when the 5 of swords shows up. Any other activity to fight the battle will only be a bigger loss.

When the 5 of swords shows up it is a wake up call that it is time for a change because the way it is right now doesn’t work. For example when you are a business owner and your products do not sell, you need to find another product, different strategy or maybe another target group.

5 of swords as outcome

  • competition
  • being against but don’t know what you do like
  • hurting each other
  • backstabbing
  • control issues
  • useless battle
  • there is no winner and there is no loser
  • feeling defeated
  • sadism
  • ego fight
  • an unhealthy relationship

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5 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – five of knives – reversed

When the 5 of swords appears reversed, the conflict is over or people are moving away from a conflict. This is a good time to solve conflicts by empathizing with each other instead of being selfish.

It doesn’t work to prove that you are right, it won’t solve the problem. Listen carefull to what other people are saying.

  • people are moving on from a conflict
  • be ready to forgive and forget
  • being a mediator between two people
  • accept things like they are


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