5 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

5 of Pentacles Tarot card Meanings – five of coins – 5 of disks – upright

The 5 of pentacles tarot card can indicate a lack of material wealth, health or well-being. There is a need for more security.

When the 5 of pentacles shows up in your tarot reading it could indicate a lack of progress in that particular situation.

For feelings the 5 of pentacles could indicate feelings of missing someone or something material you are attached to.

For example in combination with the 4 of wands, the 5 or pentacles it could indicate home sickness (missing home). The 5 of pentacles could also indicate feelings of physical sickness. Together with the 4 of swords depending on the context, it could be that someone is laying down sick on their bed.

5 of pentacles love and relationships tarot reading

The 5 of pentacles can indicate a relationship based on supporting each other in poor times. Another explanation could be that you are feeling a connection with each other in regard to negative aspects in both of your lives. It could be that you have the same (health) issues for example.

The 5 of pentacles as feelings could indicate that you are missing someone or something. You might feel the need for a particular person to be around in this period of time.

When the 5 of pentacles shows up together with the 5 of cups it could indicate mourning over a loss of someone you love that is missing in your life.

When the 5 of pentacles shows up in combination with the king of cups reversed for example this could indicate someone who feels physically and emotionally drained.


5 of pentacles job & career tarot reading

When the 5 of pentacles tarot card shows up in your job and career reading it could indicate that you probably do not earn enough money with this job.

Another way to explain the 5 of pentacles in regard to jobs and career is that you are in the same situation as your collegues and so you support each other.

The 5 of pentacles could indicate a material loss. It is most likely that in your eyes it as a loss but is it really a loss or a period that asks for change. After the 5 of pentacles the 6 of pentacles is about creating back harmony. The 5 of pentacles could indicate that you need to ask help to maintain harmony and stability in your life.

  • ask for help
  • work together with other people to get better
  • feeling poor
  • financial worries
  • missing something or a lack of something
  • feeling out in the cold
  • losing a job

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5 of Pentacles Tarot card Meanings – five of coins – 5 of disks – reversed


Another meaning for the 5 of pentacles reversed is that someone is helping you out of a miserable situation. It is important to be aware not to get co-dependent on someone who is helping you when the 5 of pentacles reversed shows up.

  • feeling safer
  • getting financial help
  • recovery
  • take care of your spiritual well being


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