5 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Five 5 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – five of chalices – upright


When the 5 of cups tarot card appears there is sadness involved in the situation or you are feeling sad over past events. This card is about grieving, feelings of loss and regret. It could be a about a serious loss but it could also be that someone cries over spilt milk. For this person it feels like a real loss. The 5 of cups tarot card is a card of lost hope and regret which is often in a tarot reading a sign of denialof what we DO have. At the tarot card in the Rider Wait deck we can see that not all cups are empty, there are still 2 cups left. It is good to accept the feelings you feel and understand your feelings.

The 5 of cups tarot card is a card of regret. So when this card shows up in your tarot reading, this person on the card is like “I wish I could turn back time”or “If I just did this or that”. Actually we can’t change what happend but we can face our sadness over what happend so we can process them when we are ready.

The number 5 is about conflict and chaos in order to create harmony.

5 of cups love & relationship tarot reading

The 5 of cups as feelings is one of regret and lost hope. When this card shows up for you, you might feel like there is nothing they can do about what happend and therefore you can’t seem to stop grieving over this.

The 5 of cups has a positive side and that is that there will be change for the better. It might be difficult to see in a period of grieving but there are better times on your way.

The 5 of cups tarot card could indicate feelings over a break-up and the feelings of regret that comes with it. You might feel regret that you left your ex or you regret that you ever started this relationship with him or her.

5 of cups job & career tarot readings

In regard to job and career the 5 of cups could indicate acknowledge of mistakes in your work. Also regret for applying to this job in the first place could be the case. The 5 of cups advice is to remember the positive memories and the good work you did and to let go of all what doesn’t serve you anymore.



5 of cups as outcome

  • feeling sad or depressive
  • not getting what you wanted
  • loss
  • grieving
  • feeling dissapointed
  • being too negative about something
  • letting go of hope
  • feeling let down by a lover but doesn’t see the chances he has in this relationship

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5 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – five of chalices – reversed


When reversed the 5 of cups tarot card can indicate that the sorrow is over. The querent has more hope.

another interpretation of the 5 of cups is that the querent is stuck in the past on negative emotions. When this card appears it is time to get over regrets and past hurts.

  • getting over a dissapointment
  • acceptance
  • ready to move on
  • denial
  • dwelling over past hurts
  • emotional growth
  • knowing what you really want



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