4 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

4 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – four of rods – upright


The 4 of wands tarot card is a welcoming card and a time for happiness. It can be an invitation for a party or a gathering but it could also be a moment to get to know people better. The number 4 is about stability but the suit of wands make it more dynamic than other number 4  tarot cards. The 4 of wands tarot card represent a social celebration, a wedding or the birth of a baby. It can also be a welcome home party. To understand what kind of celebration and why there is a celebration you need to take a look at the surrounding tarot cards in your reading.It is important to enjoy the celebration together.

You are about to move houses or live in a new place when he 4 of wands shows up in the future position of your tarot reading.

4 of wands in job & career tarot readings


You found your ideal workplace when the 4 of wands shows up fot a workplace.

At work there could be a very welcoming atmosphere or you are just the right person for the job. There is something to celebrate when the 4 of wands shows up in a tarot reading. The 4 of wands tarot card could represent a promotion or a sign that you got the job. If you already have a job, you did the job well.  It could also be a party with collegues.

4 wands as feelings & in love relationship tarot readings


The 4 of wands tarot card is feeling like coming home. When the 4 of wands shows up for someones feelings, you feel very welcome like you can be yourself with them.

A relationship where you comfortable with and where you feel like home is represented by the 4 of wands. The 4 of wands tarot card symbolizes “home sweet home”. Also, the 4 of wands is a wedding tarot card. It could indicate a marriage in a tarot reading.

When you have plans to live together with your boyfriend or girlfriend the 4 of wands might show up in your tarot reading. A new stage in the relationship that you are both going to celebrate is represented by the 4 of wands.

4 of wands as outcome


  • feeling welcome
  • feeling at home
  • social celebrations
  • invitations
  • graduations
  • show gratitude
  • finding a home
  • a new home

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4 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – four of rods – Reversed


The 4 of wands tarot card is a positive omen, even when reversed. The number 4 is the number that symbolizes stability and the wands are making it more dynamic. Reversed the four of wands tarot card is still about social celebrations but with a delay because it can be that you have to do some work first.

The 4 of wands reversed is a card that needs a little more action and work to get the comfortable home you want.


  • if you want to move, this is a good time for looking for houses
  • it can be that you first have to show your skills before you can have the job, and there is a big chance you will. Look at the cards in the reading as well.
  • be grateful for what you have
  • things are going better then you might think


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