4 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

4 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – four of coins – 4 of disks – upright


When upright 4 of pentacles tarot card the querent is holding on too much to something or it can be that things are put on hold. Information, money or emotions are not being shared.

The number 4 is about stability, security, safety and need to keep your life in balance. Read more about tarot & numerology.

4 of pentacles love and relationships tarot reading

The 4 of pentacles as feelings shows holding on tight to what you have. This could be your partner but it could also be the position where you are at. So if you are single you really like to stay single no matter what. The four of pentacles shows a sense of spasmodical tendency to hold on to what you have. This tarot card indicates a difficulty to let go of someone, something or a situation.

When the 4 of pentacles tarot card shows up together with the devil tarot card for example, the need to hold on to someone or something is so strong that it might indicate that this person is claiming someone. There is a fear to let go of this person or a certain situation. They hold it tight.

The advice of the 4 of pentacles tarot card in regard to love and relationships could be about being bit more playfull and to trust your capabilities. If you understand your value as a person there is no need to hold on to things that do not serve you anymore.

Another meanings of the 4 of pentacles in regard to love and relationships is about being careful with sharing information or even spening money at something or someone. To find out why, you will need to take a look at the other cards in your tarot reading.

The of four of pentacles could also simply indicate a hug or holding someone. Together with the 5 of cups this tarot card combination is about comforting someone who is feeling sad.

4 of pentacles  job & career tarot reading

If you are working for the same company for many years and you are afraid to let the job go or to find another job the 4 of pentacles could show up.

You might need to consider new streams of incomes when the 4 of pentacles shows up. Number 4 is numerogically about stability and safety but the 4 of pentacles shows that this stability is a big

The four of pentacles tarot card could also indicate not getting paid well with this job you are doing a reading on. You are holding tight to your money or you might be saving your money when this tarot card shows up. Spending, opening up and new ventures are not the case with the 4 of pentacles. This is a time for holding tight to what you have.

4 of pentacles as outcome

  • access denied
  • holding on too much to attachments and needs
  • being screwy
  • needy
  • greedy and not sharing
  • emotionally unavailable

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4 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – four of coins – 4 of disks – reversed


As feelings the 4 of pentacles indicates that you are opening up and that you are ready to release. An advice can be to let your feelings out or to release material needs.

I have seen 4 of pentacles reversed in readings when the querent was paying the bills for someone else. Especially in combination with the 6 of pentacles. As advice you have to take more care about your money and don’t spend too much money.

The reversed 4 of pentacles are about letting go of material needs or attachments. It could be that you are opening up your savings account for something or someone.

4 of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • letting go of needs and attachments
  • release
  • paying the bills
  • a donation
  • sharing
  • over spending
  • being more available and opening up


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