4 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

4 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – four of chalices – upright


When upright the 4 of cups tarot card is symbolizing passive behavior because of lack of interest. Opportunities are passing by but the querent can’t get bothered. This can be temporary behaviour like a short depression where this person is avoiding to face any emotions in regard to the subject.

An advice of the 4 of cups can be to pay attention to opportunities that come your way. It looks like you are not paying enough attention to them.

Another advice is to ask yourself what makes you still excited. Find out what is happening in your inner world and take time to understand your needs.

4 of cups love & relationship tarot readings

The 4 of cups as feelings indicate boredom, apathy and not wanting to face your own emotions and feelings about the relationship. If you would ask this person how they would feel about the relationship you have they probably answer something along the line as: “I don’t know”.

Feelings of lethargy and any resistenance towards letting emotions in (or out) are represented by the 4 of cups tarot card. In this period of time you can’t get clear what your partner is up to and if he or she is still happy with the relationship you have. This could come over as complacent but in fact your lover is just emotionally unavailable at this time because they don’t know what they need. To end these kind feelings of resistance you need to face you feelings and emotions.

4 of cups job & career tarot readings

When you love your job but you just can’t be bothered to go to work there could be emotions stopping you. By knowing what you need emotionally the chance is big that these feelings dissapear.

If the 4 of cups tarot card shows up for how we like the job we are in, it is probably time to face the truth. Ask yourself why you are still doing the work you do.

If you get a new and good offer at work and you are not interested, consider another time when the 4 of cups shows up for you in a tarot reading. Ask yourself what is holding you back.

4 of cups as outcome

  • avoiding emotions
  • letting opportunities passing by because of feelings like you can’t be bothered
  • boredom, apathy
  • temporary depression
  • taking each other for granted
  • feeling complacent
  • it is time to open up and to join life
  • be grateful for what you have

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4 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – four of chalices – reversed


When reversed the 4 of cups tarot card indicates that the querent is opening up. While before the querent couldn’t be bother, he is getting back his interest.

The 4 of cups reversed could indicate that you take the opportunity after a while of resistance. This could be that you start a relationship after being done with love relationships. Or you wanted to start that business but there were a lot of excuses to not do it.

4 of cups reversed as outcome

  • becoming interested again
  • open up
  • revitalising
  • unexpected openness
  • breakthrough the stagnation
  • open your heart chakra
  • getting away with excuses



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