3 of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

3 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – three of knives – upright

The 3 of swords tarot card is about a painful situation because it was unexpected. For feelings it can indicate sadness, loneliness, grief and heartbreak. The 3 of swords gives the advice to feel what you feel and follow the process. Take your time to accept these feelings but don’t get absorbed by them. Keep in mind that there will be a new period after this.

The 3 of swords tarot card is also an advice about releasing past hurts. When the 3 of swords shows up it can be a time which will be experienced as difficult but this is temporary. This is because the querent takes time to focus on the pain and so it will heal faster.

3 of swords love & relationship tarot reading

The 3 of swords as feelings indicate heartache and heart breaks. This tarot card shows a period of painful words an thoughts in a relationship or friendship. This could be about betrayal, cheating, painful discussions or one of you being sick for example. This card shows that discussions are going to the heart of the matter.

The positive on the 3 of swords tarot card is that it is a card which is connect to the element air, which is about thoughts and communication. This mean that it is more like bad news than physical manifested happenings. Most of the bad news is happening in your mind. So it could be that you are regularly THINKING about berayal for example and that your thoughts make you hurt. It could also be that someone TOLD you something painful, still it is all mindwork which can ofcourse still be painful.

If you see the 3 of swords in the future position in your tarot reading you need to pay attention if you are fully aware if you are not ignoring any aspect of your subject of the tarot reading. Listen to your heart and choose what is best for you in the situation in the present.

3 of swords job & career tarot readings

Painful news at your work could be represented by the 3 of swords tarot card. The 3 of swords indicates that words can hurt.

When the 3 of swords shows up in the past position in your tarot reading you have been through a difficult period because you have received bad news. Maybe you had to quit your job or you have been told that you didn’t do your work well. This is still influencing you in the present.

The 3 of swords in the present position could indicate painful news is mostly on your mind. When you take a look at the other cards at the reading, you might find that there are also more positive cards but the 3 of cards is probably catching your attention the most in this period of time. This is probably because it was unexpected. This hurt will heal.

3 of swords as outcome

  • difficult time
  • painful situation and hurt feelings
  • heartache
  • grief, sadness
  • feelings of betrayal and rejection
  • a third person in the relationship
  • betrayal

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3 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – three of knives – reversed


When reversed the querent has bin through a painful period. Reversed the painful period of the 3 of swords had ended.

An advice of the 3 of swords tarot card is to focus now on the future and to release the pain from the past.

The 3 of swords can indicate that the querent is focusing too much on the pain instead of focusing on the outlook of new experiences.

3 of swords reversed as outcome

  • it is time to heal
  • advice to say sorry to someone
  • a painful situation has ended


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