3 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

3 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – two of coins – 3 of disks – upright

The 3 of pentacles represents work of physical involvement. It is a tarot card about working together and about becoming competent in the work you do (often through cooperation).

Next to abundance numerologically the number 3 is about development, growth and expansion.

Depending on the question of the reading this tarot card could indicate showing of your skills or doing an examination. The 3 of pentacles is about learning how to develop certain skills. As a result, the 8 of pentacles is about craftmanship that is reached through the effort and practice in the 3 of pentacles. While the 8 of pentacles it is about perfectionizing the craftmanship, the 3 of pentacles card is about showing what you are capable of through learning and practicing.

3 of pentacles love and relationships tarot reading

The 3 of pentacles tarot card in love and relationships tarot readings could indicate a cooperation.

When the 3 of pentacles shows up for advice in regard to communication it is important to pay attention and to listen more careful to each other in order to achieve good cooperation. Implement each others needs to improve the cooperation. This tarot card indicates an opportunity to show what you are capable of.

Another way to interpret this tarot card is to see it as the early stage of a relationship in which you are both getting to know each other in a down to earth and practical way. It is about getting to know each other by doing (in real life) instead of only talking. So if you are both working on a project the 3 of pentacles could show up if you are both capable of such a cooperation.

If you are a love couple and something or someone is joining your relationship, the 3 of pentacles could show up. So for example when you just have a new born baby you need to cooperate on a practical and earthy level to care for the baby and to maintain your relationship at the same time.

3 of pentacles job & career tarot reading

The 3 of pentacles could indicate a start of a cooperation with other (business) people. The number 3 is indicating that the workplan is getting a direction and is getting shape.

You are probably working on your skills when the 3 of pentacles shows up in a job and career tarot reading. This kind of work is to create a feeling of certainty and safety. So for example you are taking a course so you can make a stable living from what you have learned.

When you are hiring an employee for your business this event could also be represented by the 3 of pentacles because this card is indicating expansion of workforce as well.

3 of pentacles as outcome

  • joining a new collaborative
  • getting the job done
  • successful projects
  • developing talents and skills
  • creative results
  • growth and development
  • team work or joining a new team
  • examination

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3 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – three of coins – 3 of disks – reversed


When reversed it is important to stay focused at the work that has to be done if you want to develop your skills and talents.

In a reversed position this card can indicate that you are not experienced enough yet to successfully achieve your goal. You need to put more effort and practice in the project to achieve your goals.

3 of pentacles reversed as outcome

  • develop your skills
  • stay focused on developing your talents and skills
  • feeling overqualified
  • work more as a team
  • feeling detached or isolating yourself
  • collaborate more in your relationship


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