3 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

3 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – three of chalices – upright


The 3 of cups tarot card is a card of socializing and having fun with friends. It is all about the fun and the celebration in a group of people. The trust in other people is high in the 3 of cups tarot card. It is a time to enjoy when this tarot card shows up. Friendships, compagnions and your network are growing in a period of the 3 of cups.

Number 3 is the number of growth, fertility, abundance and wealth in numerology.

3 of cups love & relationship tarot readings

The three of cups tarot could represent the friends you and your partner have. There might be a celebration or you are just having a great time with a group of friends together. After knowing each other better as partners it is time to get to know each other network and family.

The friendship you have with your lover can also be represented by the 3 of cups tarot card.

For couples, the 3 people on the card could represent a happy family celebrating the birth of their baby. which is the third person of the family.

3 of cups  job & career tarot readings

When there is a new colleague on the work floor the 3 of cups could show up because this card shows an expansion of the network. This card could also indicate a gathering or meeting of people who have the same interest like on a market or congress in a specific branch.

When the 3 of cups tarot card shows up there is a lot of fun in working together in this company or business. These people like to help and support each other in their work.

Friday drinks at the office or outside the office are represented by the 3 of cups.

3 of cups as outcome

  • friends coming together
  • partying and socializing
  • celebrations
  • women gatherings
  • office party
  • emotional growth
  • superficial contacts
  • be grateful for what you have

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3 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – three of chalices – reversed


This card has a downside because here it is easy to drink, eat and party excessively which can result in the three of cups reversed. The regrets that come with this emotional excess are represented by the 3 of cups tarot card.

Reversed the 3 of cups tarot card can be the result of over-indulgence. When there is a party going on and people drink too much they behave differently and the next morning they regret it or even worse.
Using certain substances more than often can turn into addictions.

With the 3 of cups tarot card is reversed a hangover is nearby.

Unfaithfulness and cheating could be represented by the 3 of cups tarot card when in reversed position. The unfaithfulness in the 3 of cups reversed is mainly because of having a lack of emotional limits.

3 of cups reversed as outcome

  • third person in a relationship
  • fake friends
  • partying too much
  • failed romance
  • over-indulgence
  • lack of emotional growth
  • addictions and disorders
  • detox your body
  • miscarriage
  • partying is over


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