2 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

2 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – two of rods – Upright

The 2 of wands tarot card upright indicates that the querent is focused on how to achieve success. The two of wands is future oriented. The number 2 in tarot stands for balance and about decisions that need to be made. In this card upright there is a need to explore in which direction or which path is best to take to achieve success. For example you can choose which actions you have to take to achieve success. This is not neccessarily an easy decision. In a love relationship this can indicate that a decision has to be made. This can be for example moving to another country for work.

The 2 of wands often indicate that you need to take a risk or bold action. It could also indicate the need for a pro-active attitude. When it comes to making decisions, it could indicate feeling the need to make a confident and succesfull decision. A decision that will lead to growth and expansion.

Two of wands in job & career tarot readings


When the two of wands tarot card shows up in a tarot reading about your job there is probably a need for making a decision. The outcome of it is on your mind and you might need to consider what will be best for you. In this case you probably have 2 good options to choose from. Decisions could lead to growth and expansion like in the 3 of wands.

There is a need to take bold action when the 2 of wands shows up.. It could be that you need to react in a way that is exciting to you.

In business the two of wands can symbolize a business partnership.

Two of wands as feelings & in love relationship tarot readings


This card in a relationship reading tells about actions that need to be taken iwthin the relationship or one of you is about to take action. This is an exciting bold move. Someone could ask you out or you like to ask someone out on a date.

This person feels the need to take action for a better future.

The two of wands tarot card is a card that can indicate that the querent is difficult to satisfy at the moment because they long for more. They can be restless when they didn’t make the decision yet.

Two of wands as outcome


  • developing your idea into a successful concept
  • maximizing your potential
  • expanding your horizon
  • planning your future
  • bold actions based on long term goals
  • taking risks
  • in order to see results, next steps need to be taken
  • commitments
  • priorities

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2 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – two of rods – Reversed


When reversed the 2 of wands tarot card indicate a difficulty to achieve success. This can be because of lack of long-term vision. It is possible that the planning isn’t working or the querent has overlooked some details. Make clear appointments and be patient in making your decision when this card is reversed.

This card can indicate that the querent seems to need to expand his horizons.

Two of wands reversed as outcome


  • disharmony
  • disorganization; be sure that you organize your life well
  • make clear appointments
  • make sure that your planning works
  • check the details in your planning
  • be sure that long term goals can be reached
  • lack of foresight


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