2 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

2 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – two of chalices – upright

The 2 of cups tarot card can symbolize a friendship or bond with someone. It can also be that you are working together with someone but the two of cups shows always an emotional bond with someone which is created by a mutual understanding. The two of cups tarot card indicate balanced feelings and emotional commitments.

The number two in this tarot card is about balance, intuition and duality.

2 of cups love & relationship tarot readings

When this card appears, you and your lover probably only have eyes for each other in the relationship and you both forget the world around you when you are together.

As feelings this tarot card indicates that you and your lover are on the same page in regard to feelings for each other. You feel a mutual bond and a connection with each other.

Sharing love and sharing feelings are represented by the 2 of cups. This isn’t always in a romantical way but it is about having a mutual emotional connection with someone.

The 2 of cups tarot card indicate the start of a relationship or friendship.

2 of cups job & career tarot readings

The 2 of cups tarot card shows that this job you are doing meets your expectations of the job you love to do. You can express yourself in this job the way you love, you like the company you work for or you have great collueges. There is an emotional balance that you can find in working at this job.

If the 2 of cups tarot card shows up for the kind of job you like to have you find it important that you have a connection with the company or with the kind of people who work for the company.

2 of cups as outcome

  • emotional attachment
  • mutual commitment
  • romantic union
  • reunion
  • sharing emotions
  • having a bond with someone
  • caring for eachtother
  • bringing two opposites together

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2 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – two of chalices – reversed


Reversed the 2 of cups indicate that negative feelings between you and your lover causes a distant between you both. The situation between you is one of hot and cold.

There is a possibility that you or your lover has a wandering which is creating a distance between you both. The other cards in the spread will tell you more about this.

2 of cups reversed as outcome

  • negative feelings
  • someone or a lover who acts emotional distant
  • disharmony
  • co- dependency
  • negative feelings creating disharmony
  • a troubled couple
  • find out what separate you both in a relationship
  • a person who is still in a relationship with someone else


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