10 of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

10 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – ten of knives – upright

The 10 of swords tarot card upright indicates a complete ending of something. Even though when something ends it is also time for a new start.

Something can feel like a painful failure, but was it ever ment to be? Don’t hang around in self-pity and get ready for new opportunities and ideas. Even when you can’t imagine at this moment, there are much better things to look forward to.

10 of swords love & relationship tarot reading

You could be overwhelming yourself with negative thoughts when the 10 of swords shows up. Also feelings of “why me?” could make you feel sorry for yourself. The positive thing about the 10 of swords is that the drama is mostly in your head.

If the 10 of swords shows up as feelings from someone towards you they might be afraid that this is the end of everything. This tarot shows that this person does worry too much. It could also be that can’t get over themselfs. Feelings of self-pity are overruling the person to see what is really going on.

The 10 of swords as feelings could indicate feelings of being a victim of the situation and feelings and being melodramatic. So if this cards shows up how someone sees you, they might see you as melodramatic. It could also be that they are afraid that this is the end of seeing eachother. This depends on the cards that shows up nearby this tarot card.

New beginnings are in sight when the 10 of swords shows up, but you need to keep you head up to see them. The figure is laying down on the ground, which it difficult to see the things that are happening around him.

If you feel like a victim it will be good to try change your mindset in a way that you are the one who is being strong and powerful.


10 of swords job & business tarot reading

When the 10 of swords tarot card shows up in your business tarot reading you might be worrying too much or things aren’t working out the way you would. The 10 swords shows a new beginning. If things aren’t working out, there is a new approach needed. This doesn’t mean that all is going to hell. When you are too much in your head or spend your time in fear, your creativity is just temporarily blocked. A new fresh beginning with new ideas are at the horizon when you let them in.

10 of swords as outcome

  • painful unexpected ending
  • a bad end to a bad situation
  • don’t be too sad, there is something new coming to you
  • self-pity
  • bad news
  • hitting the bottom rock
  • the worst is over
  • ending to something that was never ment to be
  • feeling vicitimized

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10 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – ten of knives – reversed


When reversed the 10 of swords tarot card can be that a situation has not ended yet. It can be that the querent is in the process of an ending or that there is fear of an ending of something (depending on the cards around).

Therefore the ten of swords can indicate that there is no ending yet and that there is a second chance.

10 of swords reversed as outcome

  • a second chance
  • a relationship is unexpectedly turning into something positive
  • wounds from te past
  • fear of an ending or being nearby an ending
  • never ending conversations
  • vicious circle of thoughts


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