minor arcana tarot card meanings


Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

The Minor Arcana tarot cards are often short periods and illustrate emotions, thoughts, actions and material subjects. Some of the Minor tarot cards show good times and other the less pleasant period of times in life that pass by. Mostly the minor arcana cards visualize important subjects to work on in you life. Especially when they show up more often in your readings. Minor cards are seen as “small lessons”. The Minor Arcana tarot cards exist out of 4 suits; wands, cups, pentacles and swords.

Minor Arcana tarot cards and the 4 suits in tarot

Suit of wands tarot cards

The suit of wands

The suit of wands are related to the element fire and are about primal energy, inspiration, action, movement, the potential of something and creative processes. The wands addresses what makes us tick. A lot of wands in a reading indicates a lot of masculine energy and an action orientated reading. Click on the link to find tarot cards meanings of the suit of wands:

Ace of Wands
2 of Wands
3 of Wands
4 of Wands 
5 of Wands
6 of Wands
7 of Wands
8 of wands
9 of Wands
10 of Wands

Queen of Wands
Page of Wands
Knight of Wands
King of Wands

Suit of Cups Tarot different decks

Suit of Cups

The suit of chalices or cups are related to the element water and are about emotions, feelings, expression of feelings, relationships and connections. A lot of cups in a reading indicates a very emotional reading. Below you find all tarot card meanings of the suit of cups:

Ace of Cups  
2 of Cups  
3 of Cups 
4 of Cups 
5 of Cups
6 of Cups
7 of Cups
 8 of Cups
 9 of Cups
10 of Cups

Page of Cups 
Knight of Cups
Queen of Cups
King of Cups

Suit of pentacles tarot cards decks

Suit of Pentacles

The suit of pentacles, disks or coins are related to the element earth and are about materialistic, financial matter, physical matters and trading. It is also about the realisation of things. When the suit of pentacles dominates the reading there happens a lot in the area of work, career and money issues for the querent.

Ace of Pentacles
2 of Pentacles
3 of Pentacles
4 of Pentacles
5 of Pentacles
6 of Pentacles
7 of Pentacles
8 of Pentacles
9 of Pentacles
10 of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles 
Queen of Pentacles
King of Pentacles

Suit of swords tarot

Suit of Swords

The suit of swords are related to the element air and is about thoughts, communication, rationalizing, clarity, analysis and conflict. When there are a lot of swords cards in a reading it is mostly about communication and thinking. Swords often indicate conflicts.

Ace of Swords
2 of Swords
3 of Swords
4 of Swords
5 of Swords 
6 of Swords
7 of Swords
8 of Swords
9 of Swords
10 of Swords

Page of Swords
Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
King of Swords

The Court Cards

The Court cards are part of the Minor Arcana cards and could indicate people involved in the situation. They could reflect the querent as well. As people, court cards tell you about the age of a person, the type of a person and there approach in a situation. Court cards represent upcoming messages, events or atmospheres. The court cards consist out of pages, knights, queens and kings in combination with the 4 suits.

The pages

….are starting their adventure and do not have experience yet. That is why the page could indicate a message for a new opportunity or a start of something new. Pages are like students. As a person the page symbolizes a child or someone who is practicing something new to him or her. Like a child, pages can have the habit to run away from their responsibilities. Pages in the past position in  a tarot reading could indicate childhood subjects.

The knights

….are like teenagers and they are doing the things they do in extremes. They are not a child and either mature. The knights are more experienced than pages and action orientated then pages. Knights can be very demonstrative in what there standig for and what they do. Knights in a reading could indicate people and atmospheres.

The queens

….are representing feminine energy and are about mastering and controlling emotional issues. The queen can show up in a reading for the querent or another a man woman. Queens are reflecting issues like image, reliability, intuition, knowledge and support. They have a deep understanding of themself and the people around them. The energy of the queen cards are more inwards (knowledge, intuition) while the king cards are more outwards (planning and structure) because of their feminine energy.

The kings

….are representing adult mascular energy. It does not always stand for a male person but it reflects male energy. For example when a single mother fulfills tasks that is normally done by the husband this might be symbolized with a court card of a king. King cards could represent father figures, leaders and managers. Kings are have life experience and are taking care of others and are responsable figures. The ideas that are nurtured by the queens are coming to full development by a king.

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