The wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning upright and reversed

10 – The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



“You never know in life” is what the wheel of fortune tarot card function is. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is about changes that are made by the Universe and that are beyond human control. Number 10 symbolizes the end of a period or life-cycle. A whole new life is coming. The advice of this tarot card is to open up and get ready for a new life because any resistance will create stress. It is time to let the new life in. The wheel of fortune is seen as a karma card, a card of cause and effect and the plan of the universe itself. Trust in your luck. You can not push things in a direction because this event has to do with a bigger plan. Things you thought that couldn’t happen are going to happen unexpectedly. This situation or this meeting is meant to be.

The Wheel of Fortune as feelings in a love tarot reading

If you thought everything went to hell and then the wheel of fortune tarot card shows up in your tarot reading, the Universe has something else for you in mind. If this tarot card is positive or negative depends on the context of your tarot reading but it does show that your situation is in control by the Universe and so in the end this will be the best for your highest good.

Sometimes we meet someone and we think it is our soulmate or twinsoul and then for somekind of unclear reason the relationship is over. This could be a wheel of fortune situation. That this relationship is over could have been the best for you, if you knew the whole story about that person for example. Often we don’t see yet how unexpected events like this are saving our asses and so we see it as bad luck. That is why it actually doesnt matter if the wheel of fortune shows upright or reversed in our tarot readings. The wheel of fortune is just showing the energy that is saving you from bigger damage or harm.

The wheel of fortune as feelings towards you could indicate that this person feels lucky that they meet you. This card does not tell if it is lucky for you if these are the feelings of someone else towards you. You really need totake note of your own feelings towards this person. To find out why they feel lucky they meet us you need to take a look at the other cards in your reading.

The Wheel of Fortune in job and career tarot readings

There is something better coming your way when the wheel of fortune shows up in your tarot reading. So even if you are in a particular job just for a short time, the wheel of fortune indicates that there will be changes coming up that will be in your favor on the long term.

The wheel of fortune together with the tower could indicate that unexpected massive luck is passing by. What kind of luck depends on the other tarot cards in your tarot reading. For example if you draw the tower, wheel of fortune and the 10 of pentacles you might be very lucky in regard to finances.

The Wheel of Fortune as outcome and advice

  • plan of the universe
  • something or someone new will come into your life that you won’t forget
  • events that are beyond your control
  • miracles
  • luck
  • rewards
  • the cycles of life
  • trust/ fate/ destiny
  • end of a lifecycle
  • growth


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10 – The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The Wheel of Fortune tarot card reversed indicates the plan of the universe is at work. The events that are happening are still beyond your control when the card is reversed. Life has up and downs and this happens to everyone. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is like the wind that let a windmill turn it’s wicks and this time it can be perceived as positive or negative but in the end it will be the best for you.

The wheel of fortune reversed has almost the same meaning as the wheel of fortune upright: the Universe is at play here and will arrange the best possible situation for you. When the wheel of fortune reversed shows up you might be resisting the change. You could perceive the events as negative but it will be still positive in te end. So also please read the wheel of fortune tarot card meanings above.

Since this card is still about change it is possible with the reversed card that you are resisting change and that you find it difficult to move along with the wheel. An advice is to embrace change and to go with the flow. Always believe in yourself.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed as outcome and advice

  • events that are beyond your control and this can be a challenge
  • unpredictability
  • stay optimistic
  • resisting change
  • stress
  • difficulty with accepting change
  • external universal influences will bring change in your relationship


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