world tarot card meaning upright and reversed

21 – The World Tarot Meanings – Upright



The World tarot card is about accomplishment, completion and about achieving your goals. This tarot card is the last card of the major arcana and the end of the last cycle. The Fools journey is complete and so this also is the start of something new.

Achieving your bigger goals in life is represented by the World tarot card. So for example when you graduated or passed an examination.

The world tarot card could also represent worldy matters. Especially in combination with the hierophant tarot card, the world could represent cultures, human beings and society. Together with the empress tarot card, the world represent the planet earth and her creatures.

The World as feelings and in love readings

The world as feelings shows that there is a level of completion in their feelings. It could indicate that you mean the world to them. Otherwise the world tarot card could represent feeling that this friendship or love relationship is coming to an end in the way it was or is right now. This isn’t nessecarily a break up but indicates that it is time for a change and a new beginning. So when this card shows up in your relationship reading a cycle is completed. The relationship is going to a new level. The world card indicates changes on a higher level.

The world tarot card as a card that indicates a break up shows that this break up will be good for both partners in a way that a new life is starting soon. It is most likely that there is still a good cooperation between these partners. For example when both partners agree on a spiritual level that this relationship has brought growth and that it is now time for a new period.

When you are looking for love and you are single, the world tarot card indicates that the period of being single is now over.

The World in a job and career tarot reading

A cycle has been completed. Maybe your contract is over and you are ready to find a new job and so the world tarot card shows up. The world tarot card shows a change that you feel is needed. So if you wonder what to do next in regard to job and career, this period is now over. You need to take a look at the other cards in your tarot reading on what is next. For example if the world shows up together with the fool, you might be very open to anything that comes your way. Both cards might also indicate travelling around the world for example. Your next career could be completly different from what you are doing right now when the world shows up.

The World as outcome and advice

  • rewards
  • getting more authority
  • getting incresement
  • transformation
  • the missing link is showing up
  • ending or finishing something with a reward
  • helping someone else to finish something
  • being or feeling that you are in the right place and the right time
  • completing your journey or travel


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21 – The World Tarot Meanings – Reversed


Reversed the world tarot card can indicate a delay in completing things ot there are incomplete tasks waiting for you.

Take necessary steps to achieve your goal.

You are almost there, look at the other cards in the reading to see what is necessary to do to reach your goal.

Don’t stop yourself by procrastinating but take the action that is needed at this time.

Be patience with yourself don’t get frustrated, you have reached a lot already and you are close to reach your goal

The World reversed as outcome and advice

  • an unfinished relationship
  • wanting to see someone again
  • feelings that is not finished yet
  • you are almost there


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