star tarot card meaning upright and reversed

17 – The Star Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



The Star is a tarot card of hope, faith in a better future and healing. It is a card of pureness and generosity and a very spiritual card. If you have been through a difficult period in your life the star tarot card represents renewal and healing.

The star tarot card mostly intereferes with a certain kind of mindset. When we are thinking positive life is easier and we find back hope. It is like we learn from the fool that when you enter the world with an open heart life is much more beautiful. The star tarot card has a higher number in the major arcana and so this is like the version of the fool in a more mature kind of way. So instead of only being open the star card is more conscious that negativity exists as well but is choosing to heal from the negatives experiences you have been through.

The star tarot card does has a high level of vulnerablity to it because even though you know how difficult and painful life can be you are opening up again. This is also because the star card represents a certain strength that creates peace of mind.

When this tarot card appears it indicates that things are getting better. Pay attention to the things you really want and what you are dreaming of. Get inspired and maintain a positive mindset. Things will get better and will come your way.

The Star as feelings and in love readings

When the star tarot card as feelings shows up in your tarot reading this person feels like having hope again. They are feeling peaceful about the relationship you both have. They are able to show their vulnarabilities to you when the star tarot card shows up as their feelings for you. There is a sense of freedom in the star tarot card and so it shows that they are able to be sincere with their feelings towards you. While the fool doesn’t know what to expect, the star card does have experience with life but has still hope.

There must be a high level of trust in life before having your feelings opening up after experiencing a difficult time.

If you have a relationship with an older person the star tarot card could also indicate that they feel young again being with you.

The Star in a job and career tarot reading

The star tarot card in regard to job and career indicates that there is peace of mind again in the company you work for.

A positive mindset will make that you are able to get out of difficult times. If this tarot card shows up for a business advice you should work on maintaining your mindset while that makes much more possible for your company.

After a difficult time the star tarot card could show up if you still have faith in the company you work for. It indicates that you need to keep your hopes up because the situation will get better. It is all about mindset.

The Star as outcome and advice

  • cleansing, purifying, healing and recovery
  • complete surrendering
  • serenity
  • being stimulated to a higher level
  • opening your heart
  • feeling hopeful, having faith in the future and positive thinking
  • heading in the right direction
  • spreading abundance and wealth


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17 – Star Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Reversed the Star tarot card is still a positive card and doesn’t differ much from the upright card. The star card reversed shows that you might fnd it difficult to see the bright side of life but it is still there, it is more a mindset in your case even when it is difficult to see the star tarot card is giving you the message that things will be alright.

The querent needs to keep the head up because it is important think positive at this moment to get ready for a brighter future that is coming.

After a turbelent time it is important to get back your self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and other forms of self-love.

The Tower reversed as outcome and advice

  • keep your head up and stay positive
  • concentrate on the things you want in life
  • things will get better
  • you have the opportunities, get clear about what you want in life
  • give this relationship a chance
  • what do you think is important in life and what are your dreams?


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