The Magician tarot card meanings upright and reversed

1 – The Magician Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



The Magician tarot card indicates manifestion and the creation of the desired outcome. This tarot card represents the process of dreaming, creating idea’s, taking action and manifesting them in a way people around him don’t understand HOW it happend or maybe not even know WHAT exactly happend. The Magician has knowledge and understanding of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind which he applies to manifest. He isn’t like the queen of wands who gets the things she want because of the sake of wanting it by using her willpower. The Magician is aware of what happens subconsciously and isn’t using ego to manifest because he knows that won’t last long.

Since the Magician is in contact with above and below, he manifest his subconscious dreams and ideas in physical forms and occuring events. He can create anything because he masters all elements (water, fire, air and earth). He is skilled, self-confident and takes action that resonates with how things should be in advice of his higher self. It isn’t about willpower. The Magician manifest on a higher vibration with the use of all elements. He manifests with his heart and soul.

The Magician general tarot card meanings


In every day life the Magician tarot card can symbolize a clever person who is good at finding solutions. The Magician is a clever communicator, gets his ideas across very well which touches peoples feelings and leads to action. He doesn’t manifest to impress people: the Magician is an inspirator. The Magician is someone who leaves his environment flabbergasted while he walks away like nothing spectacular happend. The Magicians motivation is that everything is possible. In a (love) relationship he is very confident and does not only knows what to do but does it on the right moment at the right place. Together with the Tower the Magician tarot card creates intense and spectacular events you won’t ever forget.

The Magician as feelings and in love readings


The Magician tarot card as feelings indicate that this person has decisive feelings which will lead to actions that will bring the results and solutions he has in mind. When there are problems, this person has the feeling and the faith that those issues can get solved and so they will. It could be that this person is the one who feels the need to makes long lasting changes happen when the Death card appears nearby in the reading. What he or she want to happen depents on the surrounding cards in the reading. Feeling the need to take responsability is part of why the Magician does what he does.

For singles the Magician tarot card indicates that there is a need to take action or you will take action with the desired results.

The Magician job and career meanings


In regard to job and career the Magician is making his ideas and dreams can come true. The magician is someone who isn’t only promising things but is making his ideas reality. When this tarot card appears in your reading you are on the right path when it comes to jobs. It could also be that a job or career is coming on your path that you are good at and what you like to do. The Magician makes it all happen.

The Magician in regard to business and finances


If it didn’t went well with your business, the Magician is making a drastic change for the positive. As an entrepeneur the Magician is someone who can make that happen what you couldn’t even dream of. If this card appears in your tarot reading it is a sign that you can create the desired outcome. You just need to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. The law of attraction is what the Magician is teaching you.

The magician as outcome and advice

  • manifesting
  • creating the desired outcome
  • a skilled and creative person who is good in finding solutions and making this happen
  • clear communication which leads to action
  • making new ideas visible and/or physical
  • decisiveness
  • creating desires and making it physical
  • conscious creation
  • manifesting with heart, mind and soul
  • self-confidence
  • concentrating at fulfilling a task


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1 – The Magician Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The Magician upright has all the tools he need: the wand, the cups, the sword and the pentacle. In the reversed position something or even more is missing. What is missing so you can’t create the desired outcome (yet)? Do you feel a lack of new ideas, passion, creativity or are you dependent on material items?

Reversed the Magician is still skilled but does not use his power in the right way. When the Magician appears reversed, it is best to get back to reality and get clear for yourself what is going on and what your goals are. Make a plan, especially when the Emperor reversed shows up close by. Use the power of the Magician upright instead of reversed.

Stay focused and don’t get misguided and get your self-confidence back. Use your power in a positive way.

In the worst case the Magician reversed can be a cheater, someone who is looking only at his best interest. He uses his power to convince you that his point of view is the right one.

The magician reversed as outcome and advice

  • manipulation
  • not able to manifest
  • untrustworthiness and trickery
  • ground yourself
  • make a planning and set your goals
  • get back to reality


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