The hermit tarot card meanings upright and reversed

9 – The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



A Hermit period is a time of retreat. This period is a time for being alone to think, meditate, (re)organize and (re)plan after a turbulent time of hard work. The Hermit period is not a time to rest, it is a spiritual and inner journey. With his light he discovers and illuminates hidden areas of his mind and explores his inner self.

In a reading the Hermit tarot card can stand for a teacher, guide, coach, friend or someone who is helping the querent by shining a light on something that was not clear before.

Another meaning of the Hermit tarot card can be that the querent is on an inner journey and therefore this person can be appearing as (emotionally) unavailable to other people.

Where the hierophant is a preacher of norms and values, the hermit is your teacher of you inner self. So when you practice yoga, yoga is your teacher and when your yoga teacher is preaching why yoga is so good for you they are more taking the role of the hierophant.

The number 9 is about advancing consciousness, isolation and inner wisdom. When the number 9 appears it is the penultimate stadium of a period in your life. It is time to recover from the past and to forgive so you can move on. Read more about tarot & numerology.

The Hermit as feelings and in love readings

The hermit tarot card is about guidance. So if this tarot card shows up in your love reading it might be time to listen to your inner-self about this relationship. Take some time for yourself to feel and overthink your experiences with this relationship. The hermit also indicates spiritual guides that are helping you at the moment.

If the hermit tarot card shows up for someones feelings towards you they are in a time of their life that they feel the need to reflect or self-reflect. Because of this they could appear as unavailable at the moment. It isn’t that they are done with the relationship, they just need to take their time.

Another reason why the hermit tarot card is showing up is because one of you is at the moment spiritual oriented.

The Hermit in job and career tarot readings

The hermit tarot card shows a time of reflection if this is still the right job for you for example. You might be a bit more on the background at your job when this tarot card appears in your job and career tarot reading. It is like you are finding out what will be the best for your spiritual well being.

You might feel like you also need somekind of spiritual satisfaction from your job when the hermit tarot card shows up.

You are guided when the hermit tarot card shows up in your tarot reading.

The Hermit as outcome and advice

  • retreat
  • inner journey
  • to process
  • over thinking things
  • wanting to be alone
  • someone (guide, teacher, friend) shining his light on something that wasn’t clear before
  • searching for answers within
  • rediscovering your Self
  • solitude to get answers on questions


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9 – The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


When reversed the Hermits inner journey has just ended. The Hermit is coming back in to society where he can use the wisdom he has discovered in himself. He comes back as a more wise person.

If not then be aware that the inner journey must not turn in to isolation or paranoid. Reversed the Hermit is asking you to be wise. Use the light that the Hermit is carrying to illuminate to answers to your questions. When you are not able to do this alone it is best to find help or guidance from a coach or someone who can help you with your inner journey.

In a love relationship one of the partners is emotionally more available now then before.

The Hermit reversed as outcome and advice

  • coming back to society
  • being ready to interact with the world again
  • needing help from a spiritual teacher
  • start socializing, open up
  • share your wisdom with other people


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