The hanged man tarot card meaning upright and reversed

12 – The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



The Hanged Man tarot card is one with a passive energy. It is about evaluation and re-evaluation. This is a time where the querent is thinking things over. It can be that changes went to fast and the querent needs some time for this to digest and find his place in this new situation.

At this moment you have the feeling that you need to surrender or to sacrifice something. This position can make you feel vulnerable and it can be a challenge.

An advice of the Hanged Man is to take a different point of view to get an answer on your question. Sometimes this is the time for letting go an old perspective.

Hanged man as feelings and in love readings

The hanged man tarot card as feelings indicate that your love interest is sacrifing or has the feeling they can’t do anything at the moment but wait. The hanged man differs from the 8 of swords because the hanged man is about surrendering to the situation. With the 8 of swords someone is feeling stuck and doesn’t know how to get away from these thoughts. The Hanged man is more conscious of the fact that he can walk away at any moment but he doesn’t because he is surrendering and sacrificing. Just waiting on what will happen next and re-evaluating his position.

Hanged man in a job and career tarot reading

The hanged man could show up in your job, business and career tarot reading when it isn’t your turn yet. It is like in a game like for example chess you need to wait what the other person will do and after that you can make a move. The hanged man is not about the strategic part of this but the waiting part: What the other party will do makes a difference to your situation but it isn’t your turn yet. You are still able to make an evaluation of your situation. In reality this could be happening for example when you are in a negotiation and you need to wait for the other party to make an offer, the hanged man could show up in your tarot reading.

The hanged man isn’t helpless at all, it just shows that you might need to take this time before making a move.

Hanged man as outcome and advice

  • sacrificing
  • surrendering
  • letting go
  • acceptance
  • letting the situation evolve
  • evaluation
  • processing
  • difficulties with commitment
  • delay


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12 – The Hanged Man Tarot Meanings – Reversed


When reversed the evaluation has ended and there is an answer. This can result in positive or negative feedback.

This tarot card can indicate a clear vision on how to progress your emotional life when there a lot of cups around. When there a lot of pentacles in the reading the clear vision is more on material or practical matters.

If you are making your move too early the hanged man reversed could show up in your tarot reading. It could indicate it is not your turn yet and that you have to wait.

Hanged man reversed as outcome and advice

  • healing
  • it’s time to recover or to tell what your vision is
  • waiting time is over
  • positive or negative feedback
  • hearing from someone what he or she wants with the situation
  • it is time to act and stop being passive


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